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Power Prospecting and Lead Generation in Network Marketing!

Welcome to week 3 of our New Year kick of series to “Rock Your Network Marketing Business”. Week 1 we discussed Planning and Goal Setting. Week 2 we discussed Product Promoting. This week we talk about one of my favorite subjects (I’m a top recruiter in my company)…POWER PROSPECTING and how to rock your recruiting!

Watch the video first, for 10 specific ideas and language to generate leads, then grab a few bonus tips and a short recap to follow, below the video (*don’t mind it says 2015, lol)…



Here are 10 ways that I love to ROCK my recruiting (language and tips are found in the video above):

1) Work your contact list- reach out to people on your phone and Facebook.…

How to Break A Plateau (Or Set a New Record) In Your Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing Rocks

There’s no secret to success in network marketing- when you want your team volume & title to grow, you have to go into a 90 day recruiting blitz yourself! New people bring new activity and growth.

My friend Richard Brooke recently broke down the “how to” in a simplified way like this:

Imagine if you invited just 2 NEW people per day to hear more about your business. If you did that you would have generated 14 invites per week –on a low average, this would lead to 3 who agree to join you on a 3 way call , to coffee, or to join you at a meeting or event.…

When I started my business, a small article was forwarded to me that made a BIG difference in my business. After you read it I will tell you the real lessons I learned that led me to seven-figure success in network marketing=>

THE PRICE OF THE PROMISE: The Power Of Network Marketing

Mark Yarnell, a minister in a small town in Texas, was headed for bankruptcy and just about to lose his car and home. He looked for a way out and discovered network marketing. Luckily, he had a wise sponsor.

The sponsor gave Mark “THE PRICE OF PROMISE”.
“This business can set you free financially in one to three years.”…

Rock Star Recruiting and Power Prospecting To Design a Life You Love in Network Marketing- by #1 Earner Sarah Robbins

I’m a formerly shy teacher by trade, who was living in one of the more depressed economies in the country. I had just moved, just married, just began my brand new job teaching kindergarten. I was in my 20’s. While I loved teaching, we were facing financial difficulties, paying bills with change.  I was facing the loss of my job and our first home. This caused me to look for extra income, and my search led me to network marketing. When I began my business I was broke (and most of my friends were young and broke like me).…

Hey there Rock Stars, Sarah “Rockin” Robbins here~ ready to ROCK your home business? I am too!

Our company is about to make major announcements in our business, and naturally, I’ve never been more excited about my business (I know you know the feeling). This brings me to today’s topic: How to ROCK Your Prospecting & Revisit Your List!

Every so often companies give us reason to reach out to people that we spoke to in the past with new news: new products, new promotions, new programs, recent events and expansion! It’s the perfect time to re-engage our audience and revisit our list.…

What is prospecting? Webster’s Dictionary defines it as looking for GOLD.

Prospecting is the process of talking to people, in hopes that you will find some who are interested in joining you on your products or in your business. In the process of these conversations, you’ll “sift through” a lot of people to find a few who will join you. Then, you’ll have a lot of people join you, of whom will work at varying paces. Keep in mind, it only takes a few power partners to change your life! That’s your “gold”! Remember–you may have to talk to a lot to find those few, like sifting for gold.…

I recently wrote an article in Networking Times, our profession’s leading publication! I wanted to share more with you on a hot topic in our profession: the power of your “list” (your greatest asset in this business!)

In network marketing, your list is your life!

When I get a new distributor off to a fast start we focus on 2 main things: launching their business, and their building & contacting their list! I coach my team to start with a big list, by going through phone contacts, Facebook friends, and by reviewing a company memory jogger list. I also trigger their memory by coaching them to go through old yearbooks, phone books, and invitation lists!…

By now you know my story–formerly shy, broke, young kindergarten teacher, turns million dollar earner in Network Marketing in four short years! Thanks to the hard work of our team of rock stars, by the age of 29 I became my company’s first 6-figure MONTHLY earner, and we’ve mentored many 6- and 7-figure earners on our team who drive free cars, and are enjoying luxury trips to fabulous destinations! Our greatest joy is seeing lives changed: through the power of our profession (with the opportunity it provides), and the power of the rewards (time and finances we can give to others in need, as we start our own foundation for children!)…


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Would some bonuses help you to have a debt free holiday? Would you like to put some extra “jingle” in your pocket as you finish out 2012? Building your network marketing business during this time of year can be fun, festive, and extremely profitable! Let me show you how!

Here are a few of my holiday tips from the top, for building your Network Marketing Business:

1.) Give people the gift of your products or service:
There is no better way to market your products and business than to get our goods in the hands of as many people possible.…