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Prospecting and Lead Generation in Network Marketing


Power Prospecting and Lead Generation in Network Marketing!

Welcome to week 3 of our New Year kick of series to “Rock Your Network Marketing Business”. Week 1 we discussed Planning and Goal Setting. Week 2 we discussed Product Promoting. This week we talk about one of my favorite subjects (I’m a top recruiter in my company)…POWER PROSPECTING and how to rock your recruiting!

Watch the video first, for 10 specific ideas and language to generate leads, then grab a few bonus tips and a short recap to follow, below the video (*don’t mind it says 2015, lol)…



Here are 10 ways that I love to ROCK my recruiting (language and tips are found in the video above):

1) Work your contact list- reach out to people on your phone and Facebook. Find a personal way to connect, then transition…”I see you’re in Chicago. I’m sure you’ve built a great network there. I’m actually expanding my business there. I would love to tell you what I’m up to, in hopes that you could connect me to some great people, and perhaps give me a few pointers. Can I treat you to coffee (or a virtual coffee) and share more?”

2) Referral Rewards Program- if someone is not personally interested say “I’ve developed a great ‘referral rewards’ program. If you’re willing to help me spread the word, I’m happy to give you a finders fee or free product (or my discount on the product) as a thank you”! *this is not a company sponsored program–as I share in the video, this is something I do on my own!

3) Personal Launch Events- host events and ask people to host events for you. Say “My business is expanding in your area, and I would love to meet new people. If you’d be willing to host an event for me, I will do all the work, and throw in some free product (or offer my discount on the product) as a thank you.”

4) Team Events- Coffee & Conversation Events, Customer Appreciation Events, even Vendor Events can be powerful too (the video above gives great tips and ideas!)

5) Prospecting When Out & About- compliment, and ask questions to engage in conversation. Simple conversation starter examples: “Cute kids. How old are they?” “Love that bag. Where did you get it?” “Great service! Do you love working here? Because we are looking for people like you for our business…” When they smile and start talking, it’s an open door for a conversation!

6) Network with other entrepreneurs- find a commonality and reason for reaching out to other business owners in the area…”I just love your website, I wanted to reach out and see who did it. I’m also looking to connect with other business owners in the area, and see how might support each other’s business growth. Would you be willing to meet for coffee?”

7) Networking Groups–networking groups are a great way to get and give professional referrals!

8) Social Media–it’s all about telling stories (watch my Social Media Part 1 & 2 Videos for complete social media training).

9) Call Your Customers!–“I’m calling to check in and see how you’re loving your products? I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but as a distributor of the products I get a deep discount. I was wondering if I could share with you more about this program so you could get a discount too–and possibly earn them for free or a little extra money by simply sharing your results with others!”

10) Revisit Previous Prospects–Whenever something is new revisit them! “The New Year is here, and I’m not sure if you’ve been thinking about the business at all, but I sure have been thinking about you. It’s the perfect time to take another peek, here’s why…..” (*share what’s new and exciting in your company!)

Who’s ready to ROCK your recruiting?! *SHOUT OUT* below! I’d love to hear from you–post your comments below, and tell me what ideas YOU’LL try! XO

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