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I know that it’s a longer message–but the right ones who are to hear it, will hear it–and I trust you will be blessed by it…

Girl, get your FIRE back…

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This past month I was blessed to be celebrating TEN amazing years in our powerful profession–one that’s allowed us to LIVE more, GIVE more, and to LOVE our lives even more!

I started when I was a shy, young kindergarten teacher–with no network! I had no business experience! I humbly tell people–there is no other profession that would allow us to do what we did, earn what we have, give what we give, and live how we live (true time freedom!) We had 19 cents in our bank account when we started! Today we have a BILLION DOLLAR TEAM, and give generously to children’s education and nutrition programs here in the US, and abroad!…

How do you respond when you are faced with challenges?

Do you tend to choose FAITH or FEAR?

Today’s talk will teach us how to be THANKFUL and GRATEFUL and set us up for the greatest BLESSING and BREAKTHROUGH in life and in leadership, even in the midst of a stormy season!

Check it out:

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The Leadership Lesson That Changed My Life (And My Business)

How do you move from the camp of complacency, into YOUR “promise land?”

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The “LOVE” Series Continues.

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We all have a choice to remain rooted and grounded in our responding…

When we get that text that ticks us off; when we get that email that bugs us a bit… we have a choice to REACT or we can choose to RESPOND in love.

Reaction is an emotional decision often commanded by our emotions or exhaustion.

Responding is a thought out reply, emotions aside, leading with logic , love, and level-headedness.

Often times what you are going through is simply a test to see how you will remain rooted in your responding–and is a refining trial for YOU.…