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Want more training like this? Join my coaching group @ coachwithsarah.com
-just opened up for 2021- get 7 days free, weekly coaching with me, and be a part of the most collaborative community in NWM! Join us now @coachwithsarah.com

Network Marketers- How To Successfully Build Multiple Streams of Income in 2021!
Plus- 2 Mistakes Even SMART Business Owners Make + the Exact Tools You Need to Avoid Them and Make Your Dream Business a Reality This Year!!!
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The Grass Is Not GREENER:

(Yes you CAN, but SHOULD you?!)

Green Eggs + Spam! Green Grass, Poached Eggs, + Spamming or Soliciting!

What does these have in common? Read on…

Special Training With Sarah Robbins

It was a cold night in Detroit—I was invited to dinner to “network” with a friend and her acquaintance. What started as a friendly dinner, later turned into a prospecting meeting. You see, this friends friend had an agenda—to try to recruit me into his company that night—leveraging scare tactics—toting all the reasons I should join him, and noting all the (fake, fear-based) reasons why he believed my business would fail + why I needed to add in “one more opportunity”– I remember feeling all of the feels, but chose not to make emotional decisions.…

Cross recruiting in network marketing, doing multiple direct selling companies, people leaving and when to let go!

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