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Get direct, personal access to Sarah at the highest level for priceless ideas, strategy, and encouragement so you can ROCK your Network Marketing business! Gain access to Sarah Robbin’s vault of training, receive LIVE coaching, private mentoring, and more!

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Start achieving your goals and building the life of your dreams by becoming a member of Sarah’s Inner Circle.

You won’t find mentorship from a top producer with this level of detail at this small of an investment! Sarah is passionate about sharing the system she used to achieve eight-figure success. She not only inspires people to dream big…she gives them the tools to make those dreams a reality.

Get access to:

  • Live Coaching Sessions Hosted and Lead by Sarah Robbins
  • Questions and Answers with Sarah Robbins
  • A Thriving Online Community of Entrepreneurs
  • The Network Marketing University
  • Rock Star Recruiting School (Audio Edition)
  • Rock Star Recruiting School Masterclass (Audio Edition)
  • A Consistently Updated Video Library of Past Coaching Sessions

As a Member, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recruit New Distributors and Gain New Customers Every Month!

  • Talk to People with Complete Confidence and Never Run Out of People to Talk to!

  • Start Strong in Network Marketing and Help Others Do the Same!

  • Create a Culture of Dynamic Duplication on Your Team!

  • Reprogram Your Mindset for Success and Rank Advance to the Top of Your Company!

  • Market and Network on Social Media Platforms

You’re One Step Away from Joining Sarah’s Exclusive Inner Circle!

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Still Not Convinced?… Here Are Even More Benefits of Joining!

Rock Your Business with Sarah’s Inner Circle Success System

Private Rockstar Coaching

Join Sarah for private coaching. She’ll be teaching the skillset needed to build a strong, sustaining network marketing business while inspiring you to achieve everything you want. This is the ONLY way to get private coaching from Sarah Robbins, outside of being personally enrolled by her in network marketing!

“Ask Sarah” Private, Live Q & A

Sarah will be answering your questions LIVE and addressing HOT TOPICS  in the Network Marketing industry – teaching you to ROCK your network marketing business! This is your opportunity to ask her anything related to direct sales and building your business. Also, it will be an added benefit given strictly to Sarah’s Inner Circle members.

Private Facebook Group with Rockstar Peers

Get LIVE weekly coaching and mentoring from Sarah in the members-only Facebook Group. This is a closed group for our members only. This group is the highest level, most informative, and most supportive community in Network Marketing. The ideas, strategy, and encouragement provided in this group are priceless.

As an added bonus, Get the Seven-Figure Success System to Build a Big Business

For the first time ever, you can gain instant access to Sarah’s success system: every digital course that Sarah Robbins has ever created! Get duplicatable strategies for growth and step by step systems and strategies for success — available any time, on any device, anywhere in the world! Sarah’s promise to you is that this is the only Network Marketing online training you will ever require to become a top earner in your company.

The Network Marketing University

Included Courses

Demystifying the Big Build

How to Go From $500 – $5,000 Potential Earnings in Your Home-Based Business

Discover how Sarah Robbins went from being a product promoter to a power prospector, putting her at the top of the leader board in her company every year! Sarah reveals how to be equipped to break records and fully understand how to build “big”!

Rock your Recruiting

2 Hour Master Class with Sarah Robbins on how to POWER PROSPECT and ROCK YOUR RECRUITING in Network Marketing.

Are you ready to ROCK your recruiting? Get ready to learn from Sarah LIVE! You’ll unlock ideas of ways to meet new people and the language and ideas to reach out to your existing network. Plus, discover exactly what to say when power prospecting, how to present powerfully, and how to get people OUT of your funnel and INTO your business!

Power Presenting


Learn how to present your business POWERFULLY! Join Sarah Robbins as she teaches you how to present your network marketing product and business POWERFULLY through live events, virtual events, calls, coffees, presentations, casual meetings, and so much more! If you want to PRESENT yourself, your company, and your products POWERFULLY, this class is for YOU!

Conquer the Close!

Are you ready to CONQUER THE CLOSE, CRACK OBJECTIONS, and CRUSH YOUR CONVERSION of new customers + consultants?

Join Sarah Robbins for LIVE TRAINING as she teaches you how to answer questions, handle objections, and “conquer the close”–bringing people out of your prospecting pipeline and into your business as a customer or business partner! If you want to increase your conversions, handle objections with confidence, and conquer the close (assume the sale, + ask for the enrollment), this class is for you!


If you want to get your business off to a ROCKIN start and help others do the same, this class if for you!

Join Sarah Robbins as she teaches you how to get yourself (+ your team) off to a rockin’ start! Learn Sarah’s proven system for starting your new team member strong…or if you are new or desire a fresh start or fast start yourself, this program is for you! Discover keys to effective enrollment, steps to dynamic duplication, and so much more!

Supersize Your Selling

SELLING Summit With Sarah Robbins on how to supersize your selling in your direct selling business!

Are you ready to SUPERSIZE your SALES? Unlock the secrets to supersize your sales in your network marketing business and discover how to acquire more customers. Gain strategies on how to keep your customers buying for the long term and learn how to replicate the strategies with your team to create a SUPERSTAR SALES ORGANIZATION!!!

Social Media that Sells

Social Media Summit With Sarah Robbins on how to ROCK your recruiting and super-size your sales on social media!

Are you ready to ROCK your recruiting ONLINE? In this webinar, you’ll unlock ideas to meet new people online and how to power post, so people come to you. Learn the language and ideas of out to reach out online and take it offline and how to sell without “selling” on social media. Discover how to leverage social media to build a rockin’ team and more!

Rock Star Recruiting School

Seven Figure Success System for Network Marketing

Discover how to develop an entrepreneur’s mindset, build bigger volume with a large customer and consultant base, master the art of inviting, give powerful presentations, establish simple systems for dynamic duplication, and much more! Sarah’s system will reveal the success strategies essential to building a multi-million dollar business yourself.

Rock Star Recruiting School – Master Class Edition

Advanced Training for Network Marketing Leaders

In this series, Sarah will teach you the advanced skills that you need to master as you rise up the ranks of network marketing leadership! You’ll discover: TIME MANAGEMENT AND TOOLS FOR LEADERS, how to implement effective COACHING, ACCOUNTABILITY, and SYSTEMS for your team, and how to ROCK YOUR RECOGNITION & CREATE CULTURE that will cause your team to be unstoppable!


Why Now? Your Why is Worth It!

YOU are the best investment you will make.  What is YOUR WHY worth?

Is There Risk?

Which is greater? The risk or the reward?

What would more time freedom and financial freedom mean to you and your family? How would you live? What could you give? Where would you spend your time?

Would you agree that time is more valuable than money?

That’s why the Network Marketing Inner Circle exists. So you can have more TIME by growing your Network Marketing business.

As a member, you will have every resource instantly available to you. However, if for some reason you want to discontinue your membership, you can cancel at any time.

My heart’s desire is to see you walk out your “WHY” and live a life of true FREEDOM!


Please Note:

You are registering to become a member of Sarah Robbin’s Inner Circle Program. You will receive Weekly Coaching Sessions, access to The Network Marketing University Video Training Series, Rock Star Recruiting School & Masterclass (audio Editions), access to the growing library of past coaching sessions, and access to the private Facebook Group of entrepreneurs.

You are locking this price in! Your yearly cost will never go up unless you cancel and rejoin at a later date. If you join on the 6th, your membership will go until the 6th of the following year or month, and then be re-billed until you cancel. When you cancel your membership, it will end on the day of your next billing cycle.

Sarah’s Inner Circle

Inspiring Success, Building Leaders, and Transforming Lives!

Let’s Make YOU A Rock Star with:

  • Live Coaching Sessions Hosted and Lead by Sarah Robbins
  • Questions and Answers with Sarah Robbins
  • A Thriving Online Community of Entrepreneurs
  • The Network Marketing University ($997 value — now FREE with membership!)
  • Rock Star Recruiting School (Audio Edition)
  • Rock Star Recruiting School Masterclass (Audio Edition)
  • A Consistently Updated Video Library of Past Coaching Sessions


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