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Power of Duplication in Network Marketing and How to Start New Distributors POWERFULLY:

Welcome to week 4 of our New Year kick of series to “Rock Your Network Marketing Business this year″. Week 1 we discussed Planning and Goal Setting. Week 2 we discussed Promoting Product. Week 3 we discussed Power Prospecting and How to Rock Your Recruiting. This week we talk about how to Powerfully Launch New Distributors, and the Power of Duplication.

Whether you’re new and want tips to help you launch powerfully–or you’re a leader wanting to refine your skills on starting “newbies” strong, this one is for YOU!…

February was a short month, but our T.E.A.M. made a major milestone! I wasn’t going to say anything, but then I realized that it’s a team achievement and they deserve to celebrate what they’ve accomplished! Here’s the story-=>

I found network marketing as a formerly shy, young teacher in my 20’s. I was facing the loss of my job, and started working my business part-time alongside of my job. By the end of the school year, I retired from teaching and began working my business full-time, for the next 5 years. By the age of 29, we were the first in our company to earn 6-figures MONTHLY, and this February we were the first to enter into our company’s “5 million dollar circle!”…