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Sarah Robbins 5 Steps to 5 Million Dollar Circle


February was a short month, but our T.E.A.M. made a major milestone! I wasn’t going to say anything, but then I realized that it’s a team achievement and they deserve to celebrate what they’ve accomplished! Here’s the story-=>

I found network marketing as a formerly shy, young teacher in my 20’s. I was facing the loss of my job, and started working my business part-time alongside of my job. By the end of the school year, I retired from teaching and began working my business full-time, for the next 5 years. By the age of 29, we were the first in our company to earn 6-figures MONTHLY, and this February we were the first to enter into our company’s “5 million dollar circle!” (GO TEAM!) Today we earn a multi-million dollar annual income. Where else could a formerly shy teacher compress 50 years into 5? That’s the power of our profession!

You know what I love about my story? If I can do it, so can you! This is possible for you! Pick a great network marketing company, stick with one, give it the time it takes to build, commit to consistent activity and daily efforts—and watch your life change for the better too! It won’t be easy , but it will be worth it. Network marketing takes ordinary people, and helps them achieve extraordinary things–but if you want to achieve my level of success you’ll have to put an extraordinary amount of effort into your business for a brief period of your life–at least 3-5 years. And if you’re not at the level of success you desire yet remember–

The grass ISN’T greener in another company…keep planting seeds to see it grow! =>


Just for the record, in network marketing…
1) Timing in a company doesn’t guarantee you a check. Your productivity does.
2)You have to work your business. Every day. Personal activity is the cure to what ails you in your network marketing business. You will be successful if you make 3 NEW invitations every day for people to hear more about your business, and you give it the time it takes to be successful. This is true in any credible company with an average product and plan.
3) Give your business 3-5 years to grow and mature. It takes time to develop your talent. But where else could you compress a 30-50 year career into 3-5 years?
4) Remember, that the grass is never greener in another company–the grass is only greener where you water it. You’ll do 2 things in network marketing: sell a product and promote an opportunity.
5) So pick a company with a product you’re passionate about, and stick with it! Or as my friend Todd says, “Pick a horse & ride it!” Your team deserves your undivided attention & focus on one company and their success! (I don’t know one top earner in our profession who works multiple network marketing businesses!)

I’ve had people try to recruit me into another company, noting “timing” in their company–and said that it was because they are a “ground floor” company. First of all, I don’t endorse cross recruiting people from other companies (respect that they are in the company they chose for a reason) nor do I endorse recruiting based on “hype” (it makes our profession look bad)–neither are good/ethical recruiting practices. There were plenty of people who started in the beginning of our company (who were “first”) who weren’t willing to work, or didn’t have the long term vision and quit–I stayed in it and am a seven figure earner in my company today, and so is my mother. Timing doesn’t guarantee you a check–PRODUCTIVITY DOES! So let’s get to work, and ROCK YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS! Be relentless, do whatever it takes–there’s nothing like seeing your “reason WHY” in action!”

In honor of this recent achievement, and in celebration of my upcoming birthday, I want to leave you with a GIFT!!!!

If you want to know how I achieved 5 million dollars in earnings, I am doing a FREE generic training webinar (which means it’s not company specific–it’s guaranteed to be appropriate and totally safe for all MLM/ Network Marketing/ Direct Sales companies!) It will review my “5 Tips to the 5 Million Dollar Circle.” We will cover: 1) How to get customers 2) How to keep customers 3) How to recruit like a rock stars 4) How to get your rock stars off to a fast start; and something totally new…5) Lessons in leadership (advanced skills). I’ve never done a training like this before–I will be sharing EVERYTHING I know and ALL I’ve learned over the past 5 years!!! It’s on my birthday, so it is my gift back to the profession that has absolutely blessed our lives. Please pass this link (or this blog post) onto your team so they can register too (don’t assume they have seen it–once spaces fill up we are full). The more who KNOW, the more you GROW! REGISTER HERE=>

In the comment section below, *SHOUT OUT * “I’m ready to ROCK!”, if you’re joining us for this FREE training!


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