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Are You In Love?

I know I am! What a blessing it is to walk out our reason “why” and do what we LOVE every single day! That’s what gets us so excited!!! I was looking back in messages, and found this little gem! I LOVE network marketing!! Enjoy…



Are You In LOVE???
Who is a good candidate for joining you in this business?
We say, “someone who is a people-person”. Yet we’ve seen people who are bona fide people-people, and don’t go far in this business. And people who have gone far in this business, yet who are not especially people-people.…

Happy Holidays Rock Stars! Hope you’re having a great one! I love this time of year, as my top 2 volume producing leaders joined during the holiday season! It’s the perfect time of year to rock your network marketing business! People are looking to make extra money, pay down debt, and are starting to get into resolution mode (making money, bettering themselves) and you can provide the solutions to these common resolutions! In the spirit of the season, I want to share with you my “12 WAYS Of Networking”!


1) Work the Phones
Revisit your company memory jogger, your cell phone contacts, your Facebook friends, your service providers–who do you need to reach out to or revisit?…

Rock Star Recruiting and Power Prospecting To Design a Life You Love in Network Marketing- by #1 Earner Sarah Robbins

I’m a formerly shy teacher by trade, who was living in one of the more depressed economies in the country. I had just moved, just married, just began my brand new job teaching kindergarten. I was in my 20’s. While I loved teaching, we were facing financial difficulties, paying bills with change.  I was facing the loss of my job and our first home. This caused me to look for extra income, and my search led me to network marketing. When I began my business I was broke (and most of my friends were young and broke like me).…

Vision Boards and Setting Goals For MLM Success, Networking Marketing and Direct Selling Success

What  you see is what you believe— put your goals before your eyes, secure it in your mind, and move forward toward the victory today!

I coach my leaders to create visual reminders while goal setting. I have a goal board for all of the things in my life I’m working toward and all of the things I’m praying for. You can create a constant visual reminder by taking a snapshot of what you’re working toward, or who you’re working for, and put it on a goal board.…

Believe in Yourself!

Your sense of value cannot be based on your achievements, how well you perform, how someone treats you, or how popular or successful you are. All of these things (success, money, looks, careers, etc. can fade). So don’t let other people, systems, or circumstances influence your estimation of your value. Maintain focus on your personal progress and your personal pace, and commit to remain in peace.

In my past I have struggled with my weight (I’ve lost and kept off over 50 pounds in total)–yet I would still find myself comparing myself to others and beating myself up for my imperfections.…

How to Be The King (Or Queen) Of Questions 

Networking can be a bit scary, can’t it?

I admit it—I am an introvert by nature (yup it’s true)! And to be honest, most leaders that you see grace the stage will admit they are a bit introverted when it comes to one-on-one or small group networking settings too.

We had our pastors over today and talked about how we both speak in front of large crowds, yet are both more introverted when it comes to smaller settings and networking. I shared with them the story of how I went to a networking event in my new neighborhood recently, which really stretched me– 

The other day there was a garden walk with the ladies on our new lake.…

As my good friend Barbie Bassett says: “There is a vast difference between wanting to and willingness.”

I worked very hard to live a life that I love–I was willing to “do whatever it takes” to build the life of fun and freedom for my family that we wanted! My motto has always been: “I can do anything for a short period of time to provide the time and financial freedom my family deserves.”

When I started my network marketing business I had a full time teaching career, was supporting my husband’s business, was active in my church and community, and was taking college credits on top of that.


Remember that feeling of excitement and expectancy when you started something new?

When the “newness” wears off, and times get tough we have to recall those feelings and remember why we started in the first place…

We all have a mission in life–whether it be in our marriage, our ministry, our families, our business or our career. We all have people that are depending on us to be effective and to cast a vision for them to reach their full potential in life. What if we quit, or operate at less than our best because we have a disappointment we allow to derail us???…

STOP sending your new business partners to an abyss of training! START working their list WITH them within their first 48 hours: help them make their list (teach them who to invite) and help them work their list (by modeling how to invite)= 3-way calls should be started within your consultants first 48 hours! Here’s why ====>



Share below: What are YOU doing to get your newbies off to a fast start?

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PS– It’s my first video post!…



Have you ever lost heart? Have you ever wanted to quit? Have you felt discouraged, defeated, or distracted because of someone else’s success, or your lack thereof?


I know I have.

I recently had a friend call me to ask me how “so-and-so” was succeeding, and why things weren’t going the same for her. We’ve all been there before….

Today—I want to help you to put this feeling into perspective and put your emotions in their place in order to help you finish your race, at the pace that is planned for your life.

Have you ever thought that perhaps those people were placed in your life to encourage you?…