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What Do Larry King and Network Marketers Have in Common?


How to Be The King (Or Queen) Of Questions 

Networking can be a bit scary, can’t it?

I admit it—I am an introvert by nature (yup it’s true)! And to be honest, most leaders that you see grace the stage will admit they are a bit introverted when it comes to one-on-one or small group networking settings too.

We had our pastors over today and talked about how we both speak in front of large crowds, yet are both more introverted when it comes to smaller settings and networking. I shared with them the story of how I went to a networking event in my new neighborhood recently, which really stretched me– 

The other day there was a garden walk with the ladies on our new lake. Problem #1: I know nothing about gardening. Problem #2: It was 90 degrees and humid. Problem #3: I felt like I was a kid waiting for their first day at a new school. Uncomfortable? Just a tad.

Me on my very first “garden tour” with the lovely ladies on the lake!

But my “willing to” was just as great as my “wanting to”. You see—I was “wanting to” make new friends, so I knew I had to be “willing to” step outside of my comfort zone to get there. I had to make the effort. I went on the garden walk and ended up meeting new people and making new friends (which led to a few really fun dinner dates for us!)

When my pastor asked how I conquered my fears I shared with him that I made it all about them. I asked a lot of questions. You see, the #1 thing people feel comfortable talking about is themselves. And the easiest thing to do in conversation is ask questions. I would ask them things like: “What part of the lake do you live on? What do you like most about living on the lake? Do you have kids? What are their ages? Where did they attend school? What do you do?” etc.

The conversations were sweet, and all of us felt comfortable in conversation. Think about it this way: Larry King is the “King of Questions”. He made a really great living asking people questions and interviewing them. We do the same thing as professional networkers: we make a great living getting to know others, and mastering the art of networking—one question at a time 

So get out there—accept that invitation. Go and network (alone!) Ask a lot of questions, learn to master the art of great conversation (with questions) and see where it will lead! Be the King (or Queen) of Questions! That’s how you’ll find your “Aces”!


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