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Quit Quitting!



Remember that feeling of excitement and expectancy when you started something new?

When the “newness” wears off, and times get tough we have to recall those feelings and remember why we started in the first place…

We all have a mission in life–whether it be in our marriage, our ministry, our families, our business or our career. We all have people that are depending on us to be effective and to cast a vision for them to reach their full potential in life. What if we quit, or operate at less than our best because we have a disappointment we allow to derail us???

You see–there’s a daily battle for your vision. If you are discouraged, defeated, devastated, or distracted from your vision, you then become ineffective at your mission in life–whether it be to love your loved ones or to lead your team. That’s why it’s important to keep our vision strong, protect it, and to stay focused on our calling in life. We can’t throw in the towel every time things get tough.

Can I get “real” with you for a minute? If so, keep reading ==>

God’s timeline may look different than ours. Be careful saying “I’m going to give this a month and if I’m not successful, I quit!” No way Jose’- that’s not how things work in God’s time. Sometimes God is refining us, teaching us, and building our faith in the process. Trust in God’s timing and provision–and YOU keep an attitude of FAITH. And remember–this may be exactly where you’re supposed to be so you can grow into the faith-filled leader, spouse, parent, or person that you’re supposed to be! Trials build our testimony! Conflict creates character.

It’s up to you–You can either give up (again) and assume “this won’t work for you”, or press in and assume you’re working through your own lessons, and your owns set of odds, and you’ll find out exactly what they are AFTER you’ve succeeded!

It’s your choice. It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it. YOU’RE worth it! “They’re” worth it (your family, team, future team, etc)!



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