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Believe in Yourself!


Believe in Yourself!

Your sense of value cannot be based on your achievements, how well you perform, how someone treats you, or how popular or successful you are. All of these things (success, money, looks, careers, etc. can fade). So don’t let other people, systems, or circumstances influence your estimation of your value. Maintain focus on your personal progress and your personal pace, and commit to remain in peace.

In my past I have struggled with my weight (I’ve lost and kept off over 50 pounds in total)–yet I would still find myself comparing myself to others and beating myself up for my imperfections. There came a day when the scale went out the window, and I began to celebrate my own achievements and progress- and that’s where I found peace.

Sometimes we compare ourselves to the achievements of other leaders–which makes us question our own progress or pace. Just as I ditched the scale, ditch that distraction (if you have to, stay off Facebook, as it can be a distraction). Do what you can to maintain your focus and vision so you can complete your own personal mission. Celebrate your own achievements and progress along the way!

There is a battle for your vision–so you never reach your intended position–the battle is fueled by intimidation, insecurity, jealousy, etc…

Don’t get caught up with what people think or say on earth. Get caught up with doing your personal best! Get caught up in finishing your course with joy. Get caught up in the glorious hope that’s ahead! For that hope is enough to make anyone–under any circumstance– leap for joy and finish their race (at their pace) with complete victory!

If you would appreciate some spiritual insight on this, we did a 30 minute prayer call today on this topic =>



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