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Are You in Love?


Are You In Love?

I know I am! What a blessing it is to walk out our reason “why” and do what we LOVE every single day! That’s what gets us so excited!!! I was looking back in messages, and found this little gem! I LOVE network marketing!! Enjoy…



Are You In LOVE???
Who is a good candidate for joining you in this business?
We say, “someone who is a people-person”. Yet we’ve seen people who are bona fide people-people, and don’t go far in this business. And people who have gone far in this business, yet who are not especially people-people.

We say, “Look for people who have influence in their community”. But the same caveat applies: the correlation often fails to hold.

We say, “Look for people with whom you share a common bond”. Hmm, I have close friends who are not interested in joining my business.

So when you go prospecting, who are you really looking for? I think you’re looking for someone who falls in LOVE. How do you know? There are three signs to look for:

1. They see it.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is this opportunity. You can’t make someone see the value this business model has to offer. You can show it and explain it, but that only goes so far. They see it, or they don’t. There’s an expression in network marketing: “You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person, or the wrong thing to the right person”. This is true in friendship, in courtship, and in this business.

2. They want it.
We like to say, “Anyone can succeed in this business”, but that’s not accurate. Who can succeed here is anyone who wants to, and a lot of people don’t. This business is not for everyone. For one thing, it’s work (*that eliminates a lot of people right there.) It also requires resiliance in the face of repeated disappointment, a willingness and capacity to work in partnerships with others, and faith in human nature. Most of all, it requires a compelling interest in succeeding at this business that borders on passion. This often has nothing to do with the candidates financial status. It’s not something you can predict or predefine; it’s an individual matter.

3. They DO it.
This last should be obvious, but evidence suggests it’s not, because I keep seeing leaders and aspiring leaders in this business who persistently chase after, attempt to work with, struggle to figure out how to offer the right support to, and pin hopes upon people in their networks who are clearly not doing it. There are people who see it and want it, but just won’t do it. Puzzling, I know…but there it is. What’s missing? They’re not in love.

You can’t make them SEE it, WANT it, nor DO it. You can’t make someone FALL IN LOVE.

And when they do…watch out…because nothing will stop them!

-John David Mann

Are you IN LOVE???? I know I am!

Because of my unshakable belief I was able to begin in network marketing as a shy kindergarten teacher with no network–and because of my love and passion for our powerful profession, was able to establish a 6-figure MONTHLY income by the age of 29! If I can do it, so can YOU!

Fall in LOVE with your business–and then you’ll be unstoppable too!

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