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Why Network Marketing ROCKS!


Why Network Marketing ROCKS!

I believe that network marketing is one of the smartest business models on the planet! It is a model where it takes ordinary people like me and helps them to achieve extraordinary results! Where else could a formerly shy teacher in her 20’s compress a 30-50 year career into 3-5 years and elevate to success that others only dream of, and most people can’t even conceive! I’ve fallen head over heels in love with our profession, and if I had to recreate my wealth all over again, I’d do it in network marketing!


Here are a few reasons why I am in love with this profession–

This is a brilliant business model where instead of investing in advertising and celebrity endorsement, companies invest in our success. It allows us to leverage the integrity of big brands and the time, talent and resources of major corporations. Starts up costs are low. It’s a simple business model that doesn’t require a college degree, overhead, employees, or a brick and mortar shop. It’s a scalable business, and it’s just plain smart. The Direct Selling Association recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary, so it’s a tried and true business model that’s proven to be solid. Network marketing is not going anywhere.

Network marketing provides a turnkey business where you start at a low cost, it carries little to no risk, and there’s no experience necessary to begin. It carries many incredible benefits such as: Freedom and Flexibility, Financial Opportunity, Fun and Friendship, and Fabulous Opportunities For Growth! Let’s talk about that!

Freedom and Flexibility—In Network Marketing you don’t trade hours for dollars, or your time for someone else’s money. You can work your business part time, any time! There’s no commute to work. You create your hours and block out the important things in your life and plan around them. Essentially, you design a professional life that fits around the rest of your life. Often times started as a plan B, it can easily become a plan A. I started my business to supplement my teacher’s salary, and I was able to generate wealth beyond my wildest dreams!

Many people are looking for extra earning potential due to the current economic climate.  This puts them in a bind, as many are surviving on multi- income households. I want you to be aware that our profession can provide another alternative. You don’t have to go back to school, or take on another full time job. Network marketing allows you to choose a dream life over a dream job! All the while, you can be fully present in your family’s life.

Financial Opportunity– Network Marketing is one of the best choices if you’re looking to create unlimited earning potential but have little upfront money. We leverage our upfront investment, and have the opportunity for an exponential return on investment. Network marketing allows you to create passive residual income, and get paid over and over again for work you began upfront.

If you give your business enough time and effort you are able to compress a 30-50 year career into 3-5 years! Your business can lead to ongoing residual income for you. If you build it right, you can get paid on the royalties or residual income forevermore! Our business model provides true leverage, which gives you security. Wealth is created through leverage. It is an incredible financial vehicle that allows you to pursue all of your life’s goals and dreams.

In network marketing, we also turn expenses into an income while buying from our own product store. You can share your success with your product or service with others. This allows you to make money or save money. You will get paid to talk about your transformative products or services and our award winning business model. You get paid to talk about what you love, and you can earn amazing bonuses, competitive commissions, and incredible incentives! This is the company’s way of rewarding you for a job well done. In network marketing, you don’t just get paid, you also get recognized!

Fun and Friendship—In our business model, you choose those you partner with in business. You have the chance to build your success, all while helping others to succeed! . You celebrate your success together in countless trips and trainings around the world! One of the greatest rewards of building my business has been the friendships I’ve developed. 

Fabulous Opportunities For Personal and Professional Growth–You are in business for yourself, and not by yourself. In our business model you receive incredible training through your company and team training systems that are provided. You also receive incredible personal development opportunities so you can grow as a person, which helps to support you inside and outside of our business model. This leads to incredible life and leadership skills. You grow in confidence and communication! What is the best part of all? You earn as you learn! The personal and professional growth opportunities definitely outweigh the paycheck for me!

To sum it up all up in one word—Network Marketing provides freedom! It’s changed my life. Where else could a formerly shy teacher in her 20’s earn a six figure MONTHLY income in just 5 years? That’s the power of our profession! Network marketing rocks….

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