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Social Media Strategy for Network Marketing


Think social media is a fad? Think again!

Social Media is now the #1 activity on the web! How big are these networks? As of January 2013, the five largest social networks based on active monthly users were: Facebook (1 billion), YouTube (800 million) and Google+ (343 million) followed by Twitter and LinkedIn with 200 million active monthly users each. (TECHi)

If you’re not using social media (or using social media RIGHT) you are missing out on business. Plain and simple. How do I know? 93% of marketers use social media for business. (WordPress Hosting SEO). Recently Facebook traffic surpassed Google traffic, which means that people are searching out their favorite brands via social sites!

I recently went to research spray tanning venues, and found myself on facebook, searching out different Facebook pages, what they were posting, and what people were saying (after all, who wants to look oompa loompa orange after a spray tan, right?! ) *smile*

Social media has been a huge source of lead generation for me because I use it as a tool for business, consistently. When I started my business I was shy, broke, and all of my friends were young and broke like me. So I quickly realized that I had to build a network–FAST! The quickest way? Via social media and networking. Over the past 5 years I rose to the #1 spot in my company, and now have a network that grows exponentially by the day. I now earn a 7-figure annual residual income that grows by the day.

In honor of our 55,000 (and growing) fans on our Business Fan Page I decided to to a 55k Giveaway where everyone wins–and share with you everything I know to help you ROCK your network marketing business via a very first SOCIAL MEDIA SEMINAR FOR NETWORK MARKETING LEADERS of it’s kind. Learn more info, and how to claim a free spot below–

WHAT: FREE Social Media Summit For Network Marketing Leaders

WHEN: Saturday October 26

REGISTER FOR ONE OF TWO TIMES (first come first serve. Spaces are limited and will close at capacity. Only register for one spot or you will lose your seat if you are found to have have multiple registrations). BOTH WEBINARS ARE THE SAME!

10 am ET (9 CT, 8, MT, 7 PT) register here=>

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*Please only register for ONE webinar–first come first serve, as spaces are limited (I will close registration links when the class(es) are full). Due to limited spaces, I will not be emailing this out–please promote to your teams if you want them on. I encourage you to be on live, as the replay is typically just an audio! You want to see the slides too for social media presentations in particular.

Wondering if this webinar is for you?

If you are in network marketing, direct sales, party plan, or multi-level marketing, this webinar is for you. I can’t wait to see you there!

During this webinar you will learn:
1) How to power prospect via social media
2) How to rock your recruiting online
3) How to attract leads by a simple and single post each day.
4) How to make sure your posts are showing up in the top of the newsfeed so more of your friend see it.
5) How to use social media to encourage your team, engage your audience, and edify the leaders you wish to recognize.

This NEW, never been seen training will teach you how to rock your network marketing business via social media. It is a generic social media summit–which means all companies are welcome to attend. Since space is very limited, I am not emailing out to my lists. Please “SHARE” this blog post on your favorite social site if you wish to share this with your team!

*SHOUT OUT* below if you are excited!!!

And *TELL ME* which social site do you vote that we learn for our first class? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? LinkedIn? Google+? YouTube? Post below and cast your vote in the comments section below! Popular vote wins!



“Social media has been the main method that helped me go from being a shy teacher in my 20’s with NO NETWORK (who used to be the “”least highest earner” in my company), to rocking to the TOP of recruiting in my company, earning a 6 figure per MONTH income by the age of 29, (and becoming the #1 earner in my company). I want to teach you how! “

-Sarah Robbins, Network Marketing Leader