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Plan a ROCKIN Retreat For Your Team- Team Retreat Ideas


how to plan a direct sales team retreat

How to Plan a ROCKIN Retreat For Your Team- Team Retreat Ideas for Network Marketing, Direct Sales, MLM and all sales teams:

Hey there rock stars, Sarah “Rockin” Robbins here–we just came off of one of the best weekends with our rockstars– a weekend retreat for our top leaders at the lake homes of myself and my mom Kris (who is also a top leader in our company!) This retreat was one of the best investments we could make in our leaders–as we all grew in belief, and spent a great deal of time brainstorming and bonding. Many remarked that it was the best experience they’ve had in business so far–and I’d have to agree!

Planning a team retreat doesn’t have to be difficult, and it needn’t be expensive. In fact planning a retreat at our homes allowed guests to feel cozy, and it also keeps cost manageable as well. Whether you have a total team of 10, or a leadership team of 10 or more, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate them–and come together to build culture and create community! Because of the large size of my organization, I plan to do an annual summer retreat for leaders to focus and prepare for the fall, and to do a intimate retreat for my personal team to plan ahead for the New Year!

Many of you saw our retreat photo album and asked what exactly we did! Take a sneak peek of the overview below, and feel free to use it to help you create the perfect retreat for your personal team/entire team/ or leadership team, depending on the size of your group, and your goals=>


Guests arrived Thursday, and I gave them a list of my favorite places to go! Giving people free time is important and appreciated!


1o-11 Opening Activity- we greeted guests at the door with a mimosa and a smile! We took a team picture together and then went into the opening activity. We did an ice breaker where each girl wrote down 1 FUN or FUNNY fact about themselves that no one would know. We put the fact in a bucket, and read them aloud. The gals guessed who it was–if they guessed correct they got to pick a fun mug (I spent months picking out fun, inspirational mugs!) The person whose fact it was got to then introduce themselves to the group! We laughed a lot. It was a relaxing, and fun way to get to know each other. They filled that fun mug up with coffee, got breakfast, and we went right into training!

11-12 Leadership Training- we had a special guest speak on “Gracious Leadership”. It was one of the best leadership trainings I’ve heard on how to create gracious leadership, and how to leave people with dignity, no matter what!

12-1 Lunch! We had salads and wraps catered in–and provided plenty of healthy fruits/snacks/ drinks throughout the day!

1-4 Bonding time! We live on a lake so we were blessed to be able to surf/ski, boat/bond, swim/sun, etc at my home. You could do outdoor or indoor games as an alternative….or if the weather is not great, do a movie day with popcorn!

6-9 We all met at a local mall and ordered salads and pizzas to share! We then went on a scavenger hunt. CLICK HERE to download Scavenger Hunt Ideas and Team Buiding Ideas I created, and feel free to modify for your team. You can search the hashtag #RFEliteRetreat on Instagram to see copies of pictures the girls took from the scavenger hunt! How fun! We had 4 teams–the first one back to complete all the challenges, and to have posted them on Instagram as proof, wins! (They had to use our hashtag for the event!) This was hysterical!


10-12 Training- We broke up back into our scavenger hunt groups, and each were given the task to share our best Time-Saver with our small groups (systems that make your business operate more efficiently and allow you to be more effective as a leader), and Team-Builder (best practice for creating momentum, duplication, and growth on your team). We recorded the ideas, and reported them to the larger group afterward. (*many remarked that this was the best leadership training they had in business because of how much they learned from each other.  You don’t have to create fancy trainings to be effective! Give people the opportunity to share, grow, and learn from each other!) At the end, we took a little bit of time planning out Q4 (which is like a new year in our profession). Click here for a Goal Setting Worksheet I created.

12-1 Lunch! We had a yogurt breakfast bar with toppings, a salad bar for lunch, and a dessert bar with toppings all catered by my sister Dashing Dish (her cookbook comes out later this year! Stay tuned!) People loved the idea of “creating their own meals!” It was simple and easy to prepare too!

1-4 Bonding Time! Today  we were at my mom’s house. We had massages/manicures set up, boating and jet skiing, and volleyball too!

6-12 Backyard BBQ/ Celebration at my house! This was a night of fun and a celebration, and a show of appreciation for our awesome leaders! We had a deejay & dancing, a s’mores station and sparklers, and a firepit and photobooth! It was such a blast to dance the night away!


We had a optional sunrise service.

For pictures of all of our activities, and to see the details, you can view our album on our Facebook page, here=>

It truly was an unforgettable weekend. The bonding and brainstorming was priceless! I hope this helps you to plan a ROCKIN retreat with your rock stars too!

(*Thank you to my rock stars for your friendship, leadership, and for making this weekend the #BestWeekendEver for us too!)

Rock on Rock Stars, Sarah “Rockin'” Robbins


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