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Back To School With Sarah Robbins, Social Media Training


Back to School With Sarah Robbins Social Media Training

Hey there rock stars! Kids are back in school- we are more focused on our business than ever before! It’s like a whole new year in the network marketing world! I’ve been spending time refreshing and revisiting my list–and have plans to recruit like a rock star this fall! One of the primary ways that I LOVE to generate leads is through social media…

Social media is not the only way, but rather a way to power prospect for new customers and distributors! Remember-nothing takes the place of bringing the conversation offline to tell them more about your business or product, but it is a great way to start up a conversation. I share many more additional ways to power prospect and keep the conversation going in my best-selling book.

As a former teacher I love to teach and train–and help others become successful in network marketing. While compiling my social media archives with my team, I decided I’d share it with all of you here!

Here are the direct links of my social media training part 1, and part 2 videos as well as other generic training I’ve done on social media ======>

 Social Media Training Part 1 (Facebook)=>

Using the Facebook inbox feature to start a conversation =>

Using the “LIKE” Feature on FB to start conversation=>

Pinterest Marketing For Network Marketing=>

Social Media Training Part 2- a focus on more favorite social sites & apps=>

 A few other tips from my top leaders who start conversations via private inbox message….


1. FB Word from the BYrd (Amy Byrd, that is)=>

How to start a prospecting conversation on FB….“Hi Joanna! I realize this is out the blue…. hope you’re well! I know you live in Utah & that market is an important area of growth for my business for multiple reasons. You may or may not have a personal interest, but either way I would love to tell you who I am looking for in the hopes you might know someone. Can you please shoot me your cell? I’m hoping you can help me & would love to catch up with you if nothing else. Congrats on your darling son! 10-15 minutes is all I need, as I’m sure that’s all you have time for as well right now. Thanks & I’ll drop you another message later next week if I don’t hear from you first.”

2. This one is from a newbie who is rocking her business via social media, Heather Nianouris…

“Hi Kelly! I LOVED the pics you posted of Grace in her ballet costume! Those curls! Where did those come from?

OK – I hope you don’t think I’m crazy, but your name keeps popping into my head, so I figured I’d quit ignoring the intuition and reach out to you. You’ve probably seen my posts about my business, (company name)? I’ve just gotta tell you about this business, because It’s quickly becoming more than I’d ever imagined. I am being totally transparent here – I made a list of people who are on my dream team, and you’re right there at the top. With your sense of style, you’d be a superstar at this. I think it’s totally worth hearing about it if you’re even a little curious. Let me know if you want to learn more…no pressure, just the facts! “

Phrasing and Email Language:

Her favorite phrases to close a “recruiting post”:

1) If you’re even a little curious, let’s chat. 

2) I really believe this business is at least worth hearing about!”

3) Let’s chat – no pressure, just the facts.

4) I made a mistake by not jumping in when I FIRST heard about this business. 

5) Send me your # and let’s set a time to chat. If anything, I’d love your referrals! 

Hope these trainings help you to jumpstart your fall, and ROCK your recruiting!

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Rock on Rock Stars, Sarah “Rockin’” Robbins


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