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Many of you know my story–shy kindergarten teacher turned millionaire in my 20’s! My life changed overnight, and my dreams never really had a chance to catch up to my fast-growing, fun, and fabulous business success! Until very recently we were still living in our starter home. During that time we saved a lot of money for our dream home and lived well within our means, and were able to give back in a big way to children and families around the world.

We began to outgrow our home, and decided it was time to move on. My husband and I began to discuss: “We can live anywhere in the US!…

Finding Your Purpose, Fueling Your Passion, Understanding Your “WHY”

A wise Proverb reads: “Where there is no vision, the people perish”.


I have seen this ring true for many that we lead, minister to, and connect with on a daily basis; “Dead men walking”—people with no vision, no hope, no joy, no passion, and no purpose in life. So many people have been victims of “identity theft”—they are victims of circumstance, not knowing who they are or where they are going. Therefore the littlest things (or sometimes the toughest tragedies) derail them and they want to give up.

Don’t be a victim of “identity theft”–know WHO you are and WHERE you are going in life!