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Understanding Your Purpose, Finding Your Passion, Defining Your Reason “Why” In Life


Finding Your Purpose, Fueling Your Passion, Understanding Your “WHY”

A wise Proverb reads: “Where there is no vision, the people perish”.


I have seen this ring true for many that we lead, minister to, and connect with on a daily basis; “Dead men walking”—people with no vision, no hope, no joy, no passion, and no purpose in life. So many people have been victims of “identity theft”—they are victims of circumstance, not knowing who they are or where they are going. Therefore the littlest things (or sometimes the toughest tragedies) derail them and they want to give up.

Don’t be a victim of “identity theft”–know WHO you are and WHERE you are going in life!

When you know WHO you are, and WHERE you are going, and WHY you are doing what you do—you have the VISION to succeed, and the PASSION to proceed daily, regardless of situation or circumstance.

You see, since we started our business 6 years ago (we call it our “marketplace ministry”) we’ve encountered trials, tests, even terrible tragedy during this time. But because we know our purpose, and our passion we have become unstoppable—we learn to respond to situations as they come (all while keeping our team on track), and keep in mind our mission: to 1) Love God 2) To Love The People We Lead 3) To Feed Orphans. Because we know our mission, nothing can steal our vision.

I recently had a talk with a woman who told me her reason “Why”—which was to prove her husband wrong, and to show him she could be successful in business. We had a great talk—and I reminded her that this was not going to be enough. Her mission couldn’t be about getting back—but needed to be about giving back—to her family, herself, and any other passions or people that were important in her life. The truth is—she isn’t responsible for her husband’s happiness, and he isn’t responsible for hers. Their approval of one another ultimately shouldn’t cast the deciding vote. We talked about her revisiting her reason “why”—what was she truly passionate about? What would be her motivator in business and in life when times were tough

What is your purpose? What are you passionate about? I am passionate about helping children and families in need. I used my network marketing business as a financial vehicle to pursue my passion and fund our ministries, and in the process found great passion and purpose in leading those and loving those that are a part of our team. Nothing could keep me from being my very best for them, at all times.

Because we know where we are going—as a team we are unstoppable. No situation or circumstance will derail us. No feeling of defeat or discouragement will distract us permanently. No tragedy will triumph our victory. Our past won’t dictate our future. And no one else (nor their decisions or opinions) determines our destiny

You need to know where you’re going in life. It’s vital that you have an identity. We’ve been called to lead multitudes—we can’t afford to lose our passion or to deviate from our purpose. What about you? If you miss out on your calling, many more may be missing out on theirs too. Take some time today—write down what you’re passionate about. Define your purpose or reason “why” as we call it in the networking profession. Make a decision to work toward it—quitting is not an option. Become unstoppable—people are waiting for YOU!  It’s time to LIVE your LIFE—undistracted, undefeated, UNSTOPPABLE! Know who you are and where you’re going!

You may have something BIG to overcome because your purpose is very big. God is making you stronger! Keep going. Walk in faith & favor. Discover your destiny! DON’T GIVE UP!

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Keep rockin rock stars–I believe in YOU! Sarah “Rockin” Robbins

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