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“The Gift” Series–Your Love is a Gift


This month I am starting a series on the blog called “The Gift”. During December society places so much focus on giving material gifts–I want us to focus on the gifts we can give to others through sharing our lives, and our love. When we live with purpose, and on purpose–I believe that success follows. In fact, when Phil and I committed to increase our giving this year (through opening our orphanage and giving to many different ministries and projects), all of our businesses were accelerated and grew exponentially in 2014–and aside from giving more, we didn’t do anything different this year (don’t get me wrong–we’ve always worked hard though!)…

Hey there Rock Stars–Sarah “Rockin” Robbins here!

Today I wanted to chat about how you can help your Rock Stars get off to a great start–effectively enroll, and set the course for dynamic duplication—where the magic happens—as duplication is the key to long term success in our profession.

Since I started my business, I’ve personally prospected many people. I’ve had over 100 join my personal team, and have mentored ten top leaders who are duplicating larger organizations, allowing me to earn a multi-milllion dollar per year income. These 100 people led to a team of tens of thousands for us in a few short years.…

“To run fast, run by yourself. To run far, run with others” -African proverb

Currently, I lead tens of thousands of entrepreneurs myself, so I am often times asked to share my best leadership tips. I decided to put some thought behind my response, and share them all with you! Here  are my Top Ten “E’s” To Become an Empowering Entrepreneur:

1) Eighty-six the ego. In business there can be a lot of ego. We can also experience a lot of rejection. Humility is the ability to not be moved by flattery or by criticism. Remember- confidence and humility are not in conflict with each other, you CAN have BOTH at the same time!…