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The Gift Series–Your Love is a gift


“The Gift” Series–Your Love is a Gift


This month I am starting a series on the blog called “The Gift”. During December society places so much focus on giving material gifts–I want us to focus on the gifts we can give to others through sharing our lives, and our love. When we live with purpose, and on purpose–I believe that success follows. In fact, when Phil and I committed to increase our giving this year (through opening our orphanage and giving to many different ministries and projects), all of our businesses were accelerated and grew exponentially in 2014–and aside from giving more, we didn’t do anything different this year (don’t get me wrong–we’ve always worked hard though!) I firmly believe when you bless others you will be blessed.

Let’s talk about how this applies, and I’ll share more about our recent trip…

Often times we question the purpose and plan for our life–and if what we do makes a difference, and when times are tough, whether we will ever see our dreams come to pass. I remember the challenges I faced when we started our business–failing forward, facing rejection, feeling self-doubt. I wondered if we would ever see our dreams (our reason “WHY”) come to pass.

One of the first things I did when I started my network marketing business was to write out my reason “why”. I remember working with one of my mentors who asked me: “Sarah, what’s your reason ‘WHY’? Why are you doing your business? What will success in this business mean to you?”

I told her: “I want to start a foundation for children that is fully funded through my network marketing business. It will provide housing, education, nutrition, and mentorship.”

Impressed, she asked: “ And how much will that cost?”

“Millions” I told her.

She proceeded to ask: “And how does that feel?”

“I have to admit, it’s overwhelming,” I said.

You see, my why was so big, that at times instead of serving as a motivator, it would demotivate me. I was so overwhelmed by my dream that I often felt defeated, which is why it was easy for me to want to quit when I got discouraged. I never really felt like it would be possible to realize my dreams.

She then gave me the best advice– to break down my reason why into achievable goals so I could celebrate small successes on the way to my big dream. I started a separate bank account, which would allow me to put aside a portion of my check each month and do something nice for a family in need. As my checks grew, so did the impact we were able to have on others. We sent a mom’s young boys to fine arts camp. We covered medical bills. We built a few ramps for people with physical impairments. We provided holidays to families in need. We traveled to India to help open up orphanages. We were able to give our time, talent, and resources to many causes that tugged at our hearts. When I focused on the growing impact that my giving had on other’s lives, it helped me to overcome the fears that I faced in my business–and challenged me to do so much more! In fact, people often ask why my husband and I don’t retire (which we could at this point in our career)–I always say “there’s so much more we can do! There are so many more lives we can change!”…

Our recent goal was to open a home for 100 children in India. We just returned from our trip–there’s nothing like seeing your reason WHY in action…We just met our 117 “sons”!

Thanks to the success we’ve experienced in our network marketing business, we were able to build a home for 117 orphans, and travel to India to dedicate the home this December. We welcomed 117 “angels” to their new home, and their new lives! It was the most life-changing experience…not just for them, but for us.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by the entire village with a parade they created in honor of this new home, which is also a blessing to the community (as we built a church there, and a fresh water well that the community will be able to partake in). They pulled us up on a cart, led by oxen…and when we arrived, the boys threw flowers in our hair (they thought it was hilarious watching the flowers stick in mine!)  It was the neatest experience to see the community come together in honor of these angels!

Every boy greeted us with their name, and extended their hands and hearts to us. Many don’t know their birthday, so we had one large birthday party celebrating this new day for them! We dedicated a fresh water well, the church, and their new home to them. It was amazing seeing their faces as they ran to their beds for the first time. Apparently when we left, the children thought it was a joke, and that the beds were not theirs and were going to be taken away. It was precious…they asked if they were supposed to sleep “separately” now…because before we came to give them their home, they slept on a small dirt floor together, with a roof that was caving in over their heads–on mats. They now have beautiful bunk beds, mattresses, and bedding, and a safe shelter to sleep in.

We were able to pray with the children, and play with the children–Phil taught them Duck Duck Goose (which was very interesting with over 100 boys!!! I just prayed no one did a face plant!) We were able to take pictures of each child so we can pray over them daily. And it was incredible to give them their backpacks for school. Once they have this physical address it entitles them to go to school, and get 1 free meal per day at school…and the “house parents” give them another large meal daily.

Can you believe…there is one set of parents (and a lot of local support) who were already taking care of these orphaned boys? They faithfully supported these children for over 20 years…with no recognition, and nothing special from the government. Just out of the goodness of their hearts as there are well over 25 million homeless children in India. We honored their faithfulness with this new home for the children. We also met a very old woman living on the property (she was blind). She used to be very wealthy and sold EVERYTHING she owned to give to these children all she had. These are the true heroes–those who gift their love and lives to others.

We were told by community leaders that if these children do not get help, they will end up in gangs, and literally living alone on the streets, in the slums (In certain parts of India, it’s not uncommon to see children roaming the streets, all alone.) During our first visit to India, they had just found a child buried alive alongside the railroad tracks (at age 4)–little fingers and toes sticking out. They brought the child to one of the homes to live.

We have left our hearts in India, and we are committed to go back regularly, and to continue to do more. No one would ever know the need until they saw it. Nothing can describe it. The greatest accomplishment of our life is nothing compared to the privilege we feel being able to love, support, father/mother/ mentor, and pour into these 100 little lives who will change future generations. We know the reason we are blessed is simply to be a blessing–so we can love more, and give more. OUR LOVE, AND LIFE, IS A GIFT!

If you’d like to see pictures from our recent trip, CLICK HERE.

Our business model allows us to impact and influence thousands of lives through our opportunity and products. The success from our business also provides us the time and resources to be able to impact and influence many more lives, around the world, in a meaningful way.

As YOU prepare for this holiday season, think about ways that you can make a difference in the lives of others too, and share the gift of LOVE with others.

I sometimes get a little uneasy when people say: “I wish I could bless people like you—I don’t have the money…” Why can’t you be a blessing with your time, and volunteer–or be a friend to others? Why can’t you be a blessing with your talent, and do something nice for another individual, family, or organization? And if you have the resources, use them to make a difference in the lives of others…you CAN make a difference. No matter the measure–start giving of your LOVE, and LIFE today. I believe as you give, you will see the fruits of that in the success of your business, career, etc–and as your success grows, so will the measure that you are able to give. Start today. Start small. If we all did just a little, imagine the great impact it would have on the world!

This life is not our own– We all have a divine purpose and plan for our life.

Focus on being a blessing—somewhere, someone is waiting for you.

Meet a need—your needs will be met.

Be a blessing—your life will be blessed.

Be a friend—your relationships will be fulfilling.

It is our hearts desire that you walk out your “WHY”! Never’s not always easy, but it is so worth seeing your reason WHY in action! Other people’s blessings are tied to your obedience/perseverance/and passionate hard work.

I’d love to hear from you..What is YOUR reason “WHY”? Why do YOU do, what you do? Please comment below!



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