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The Gift Series- Your LIFE is a Gift

Last week we talked about how our LOVE is a gift. I shared the story of opening our 100 child home in India.  Following the story, many innocently replied “I wish I had the money to be able to do that too.”

Often times we lose sight of the simple fact that our LOVE is a gift. One of the greatest gifts we can offer to others is free–the gift of time spent. Time is the currency of relationships.

Over the weekend, I really challenged myself in this way too. I was invited to a Gingerbread House Competition by my sisters Katie and Emily.…

“The Gift” Series–Your Love is a Gift


This month I am starting a series on the blog called “The Gift”. During December society places so much focus on giving material gifts–I want us to focus on the gifts we can give to others through sharing our lives, and our love. When we live with purpose, and on purpose–I believe that success follows. In fact, when Phil and I committed to increase our giving this year (through opening our orphanage and giving to many different ministries and projects), all of our businesses were accelerated and grew exponentially in 2014–and aside from giving more, we didn’t do anything different this year (don’t get me wrong–we’ve always worked hard though!)…