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I spent time today reflecting on the life a man that totally changed my life– the late Christian Diaz, who was a mentor, father-figure and very close friend of mine.

Christian was a mentor to many in the network marketing profession. He was known for speaking words of life (like “you are exceptional and bound for greatness”), and his love spoke life into the leaders he influenced. He was also an amazing artist too (check out “The Offering”–which is proudly displayed in my home)=>

Often times we get caught up struggling and striving for the world’s version of “success” and “significance”…and we forget that success comes from the significant impact we make on our home, and those that we love and lead.…

A few years ago, I was given a gift…a chance to be mentored by a great man, Christian Diaz. 


Chris taught us how to live with integrity, lead with strength, and how to love people and the network marketing profession. When he came on board we were just beginning–no one really knew how to build or lead. Chris poured his time, talent and resources into us. He made our success his full time focus. And by success I’m not just talking about success materially, he was concerned with our inner success as well- who we were, where we were going, and what we were creating in the world.…