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Thankful For a Life Well Lived- Sarah Robbins Tribute to Mentor, Sculptor, Father, Friend- Christian Diaz


A few years ago, I was given a gift…a chance to be mentored by a great man, Christian Diaz. 

Christian Diaz and Sarah Robbins

Christian Diaz and Sarah Robbins


Chris taught us how to live with integrity, lead with strength, and how to love people and the network marketing profession. When he came on board we were just beginning–no one really knew how to build or lead. Chris poured his time, talent and resources into us. He made our success his full time focus. And by success I’m not just talking about success materially, he was concerned with our inner success as well- who we were, where we were going, and what we were creating in the world.

Chris became ill with leukemia just a couple of years ago. Even so, he would call us during his treatments–text us from his hospital bed–email us during the most painful times (physically and emotionally) of his life. He never made his conversations about him–they were always about others, and how he could serve them–even when his conversations became shorter (as he had a hard time breathing), and became difficult to understand.

Chris became more than a mentor to me–he was a friend–he was a father figure. He was also an artist, and sculptor. He shaped our business–but even greater, he shaped our lives. Christian lost his battle with cancer the other night. My heart  is heavy–but watching the posts that poured in on his Facebook wall made me realize that although he is no longer with us, his legacy will forever live. He is a great example of a life well lived.

Christian was a “creator”…he sculpted and created beautiful works of art…but he also crafted masterpieces in the lives of those he touched…and the brilliant artwork left behind is our team of bright and brilliant leaders, of whom we have the honor to pass the torch, and continue Chris’ legacy of changing lives. During this Thanksgiving I am so thankful for how he impacted our lives and our leadership. Thanksgiving wasn’t just a holiday for Chris–it was a state of being…he was always grateful, always humble, and always giving thanks and praise to those he loved. May we remember his example during our time with family and friends this Thanksgiving, and always

We are responsible for the legacy we create and the life we shape. Our influence can mold and shape others lives too– our actions and words can alter the course of history, and people’s destiny. Today, as I reflect on the life and legacy of a father and friend I ask myself: “What is my legacy? What do I want to be known for? What type of leader will I be?” It is my hope that as I grow, I will be shaped and molded into a leader who is loved like Chris–one whose legacy lives far beyond the length of my life.

Today I am thankful for my calling as leader, and for the opportunity in my hands to create a legacy that lives beyond me.
Wishing you and those you love a Happy Thanksgiving….tell them you are thankful.
*For those that knew and loved Chris: 
A Celebration of Christian’s Life will take place on Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 2:00pm at the Preston Road Church of Christ, Commons Area, 6409 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75205, (at the corner of Preston Road and University). The family is asking instead of flowers please visit, the ability to donate will be available in four days. There will also be a Celebration in Miami. I will share details when I receive them. (*I will be in India in December , spending time with the orphans there–my heart is so sad to miss Christian’s celebration, but I know this is where he would want me to be, pouring into other’s lives as I remember how he did the same)