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I spent time today reflecting on the life a man that totally changed my life– the late Christian Diaz, who was a mentor, father-figure and very close friend of mine.

Christian was a mentor to many in the network marketing profession. He was known for speaking words of life (like “you are exceptional and bound for greatness”), and his love spoke life into the leaders he influenced. He was also an amazing artist too (check out “The Offering”–which is proudly displayed in my home)=>

Often times we get caught up struggling and striving for the world’s version of “success” and “significance”…and we forget that success comes from the significant impact we make on our home, and those that we love and lead.

Today’s post is brief as I want to challenge you to reflect on the life that you live and the legacy that you’ll leave.

People won’t remember you for the positions you’ve held, promotions you made, or power you’ve carried–they will forever remember how you poured into their lives. As I walk up my stairs to see this sculpture with outstretched hands, I am forever grateful for the life that Christian Diaz lived, all that he offered to those he influenced, and the legacy of loving leadership that he left here on earth. I challenge myself, asking,  what am I “offering” up to those I love and lead?
I’m striving daily to follow Chris’ example of love and leadership-pouring into people words of affirmation and praise. What legacy do YOU want to leave with those you love and lead?


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