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Collaboration versus Competition


If you find yourself comparing or competing, this one’s for you!

One of the greatest places that I see organizations fail (or become stagnant) is when division comes in. When organizations are experiencing success, not only do checks soar, but egos rise. Have you heard the saying “money makes you more of who you are?”

It’s true. I’ve heard stories of leaders whose ego becomes big, and they stop promoting leaders in their upline to their team–and it’s not before long that the team catches on, and it typically turns on the leader, at some point or another.

As my mentor Donna Johnson says “The worse thing you can do is rundown your upline to look important to your team. Every time I see someone de-edify their upline it duplicates down. Eventually they are de-edified– always.”

One of my mentors told me a story about division that occured in her organization–ego came in, the leader stopped promoting the uplines calls and trainings to her team, and when my mentor saw their team at an event, people asked her why they were no longer invited or felt welcome to plug in to her team. When people realized what happened, they all turned on the leader who caused division and separation. It happens every time–just give it time! Eventually they will find out who the leaders are who have gone before them, and what they’ve had access to, all along!

I love this saying that I recently heard at an industry event I spoke at: “DKC= Drama Kills Checks!” Want to know how to increase your checks? Create a culture of unity, abundance, and allow your team to plug into the leaders that help them to grow (afterall, it does increase your check at the end of the day, doesn’t it?!) Let’s annihilate the spirit of competition and create a culture of collaboration on our teams!

My motto: We are “One Team, With One Mission, To Change A Whole Lotta Lives!”


Check out this video for my brief thoughts on this topic, then read below the video for closing thoughts=>

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Be the leader who creates an environment for your team to grow! Good leaders know how to edify the entire organization (which includes their corporate team, their upline, their downline, and the sideline sisters and brothers not on their team).  Why is this important????

Why is it important to edify your company? So your team feels a sense of security of whom they’re entrusting their future to. Why edify your downline? I think that’s an obvious, as they contribute to your income and they will either appreciate or resent that based on their relationship with you. Why edify your upline? This is critical so they are effective when working with your team on calls and at events—but you’ll also notice your team will give you respect in the same measure that they’ve seen you give those who have gone before you.

Be a person of abundance and integrity. Do the right thing at all times. Right is still right even if no one is doing it–and wrong is still wrong even if everyone is doing it. Honor your team and the company.  Create a culture of HONOR on your team.

Where there’s unity, you will receive your full reward.  When you can be trusted with the measure of leadership given to you now, you will be given more to lead.

As the good book tell us: “we have to honor those who labor among you and are over you, and to esteem them very highly in love because of their work”…Among you and over you= your leaders, those you lead, and your colleagues and company!

When I see groups stall, discord and division has usually entered in. They reach a measure of success but stall when pride comes or a spirit of competition comes in.

Commit to maintaining unity on your team. Model for them how to honor leadership in the company, and those you lead. Model for them how to be abundant with those in the company, regardless of whether or not you financially benefit. Remember, at the end of our life, there will be no teams. Show honor, respect, and appreciation, and in turn, YOU will receive the same measure of honor, respect, and appreciation.

People don’t have to be adored, but they do have to be appreciated.

Acknowledgement and honor pleases God. Acknowledge the sources you’ve drawn success from (God, family, friends, mentors, leaders, team). Be thankful and grateful. Acknowledge God and the people He used in your life to place you where you are. If you acknowledge the people who helped you get to where you are, it causes them to want to do it again. If you can’t acknowledge God, or the people he’s used to promote you on any level–why would He/they want to do it again? Recognize, honor, appreciate, acknowledge….and you’ll continue to be promoted! Appreciation and honor makes what is excellent in others belong to us.

In HONOR of all of you, and in the spirit of COLLABORATION– 

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