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7.001Hey there Rock Stars, Sarah “Rockin” Robbins here!

Hope you’re having an awesome day! I’m super excited about today’s blog–because whether you’re new and wanting to rock your “fast start” in your business; or whether you’re ready to re-engage and “re-start”; or if you’re a leader wanting to perfect a powerful”fast start” process to encourage duplication on your team–you’re in the right place. I’ve spent the past few weeks studying what leaders of the fastest growing teams in my organization are doing (and we lead a multi-million dollar monthly organization)–and I’m excited to share with you a few streamlined tips to help you refine your fast start system. (NOTE: If you’re in another network marketing company–this is not intended to pull you away from your core system! Follow your leader’s teaching and system! These tips are to just help you refine your process in getting your newbies off to a fast start.)

When we streamline our system, and keep things simple–duplication happens. And duplication is where the magic happens==it leads to momentum. Are you ready to rock your fast start? Rock on–below are just a few tips to be sure you hit on when you’re getting your newbie off to a rockin start. As I always say, I can’t take credit for people’s overall success (or lack thereof), but I am responsible to help them get off to a really great start! Here’s what that looks like for me:

I’m going to break this into 3 main trainings (You’ll obviously train on more, and meet more)–and 3 main points for each training to keep this simple and get you on track. Get ready to ROCK your Fast Start:

TRAINING #1 (At enrollment)

1) Complete the enrollment together–good leadership starts at the enrollment appointment. Schedule a time to walk your newbie through it to make suggestions on the best way to get started (which includes suggestions on the best starter packs, and enrolling in your monthly autoship!)

2) Do a website walkthrough with them–introduce them to the features and benefits of their company site, and any applicable team sites to get training.

3) Give them homework–Teach them how to create their “list” of people they will share this with. Go through their phone, their facebook, any applicable company memory jogger. They need to write down the name of every single person that comes to mind. Don’t pre-judge. And while you’re at it, star your top 20 “dream team” members–those who, in your wildest dreams come true, will join you–the most savvy, successful, respected, connected, driven people they know!

TRAINING #2 (In the first 48 hours):

1) Big picture goals–Ask them why they are doing the business (work on their “why” or short story they will share as they are prospecting or presenting). Then, determine pace and goals. Does your company have a chart that shows your different levels, and income potential? Our company does (called the “Pattern to Prosperity Worksheet”)  I show them this chart, and ask them which level of income they would like to achieve as shown on the chart. Teach them how to get to the larger incomes. For our company, they need 8 people in place to reach the top titles and to earn the higher level incentives and income. So I teach them they need to “get your 8 and duplicate”—“Let’s get your 8 partners fast and help them start strong, so your income is strong and stable!”

2) Teach them to “excite and invite”–Get them into action with “EXCITING and INVITING” and teaching them 2 approaches to reach out (see below). Review their contact list with them. Tell them to put their most successful people at the top.  You can get to all of them—but you want to reach out to the most motivated, respected, connected, confident, successful people first=>Ask about their top 3: Who they are? Why did you choose them? Validate why they would be great and share any stories of people in similar professions or backgrounds doing well in the company so it excites them, and also their prospect. Then, teach them how to “excite and invite” (keep it simple and short, no verbal vomit, say very little, just “excite them and invite them” on calls with you immediately!) Remember: it’s not what you say, it’s the excitement in which you say it! Work with them closely on connecting with their top 20. Continue to work through their list with the same process.

SUGGESTION SHARED FROM SOME OF MY TOP LEADERS: If your newbie is local, schedule a time block to make these calls with them—if not, you can always 3 way in with them for support. One of my top leaders Stacey, does a “call center” where she meets with her entire team weekly and helps them to reach out to people on their list and set up 3 way calls with her. This motivates them and elevates their belief –and increase their accountability just by having her there. You will want to give your team two different options on how to reach out to people, which leads to 3 way calls: The Direct Approach and the Sample Pack Approach==>


This is a great approach for people they are comfortable calling and want to have on their team right away, before their first launch event! They might say:

“Hey Deb. It’s Sarah. I’m so excited to share some great news with you. Do you have just a minute? Great! I wanted to share that I started a brand new business and I know you’re business minded and would appreciate my new opportunity. You are the first person I wanted to share this with before I launch this to my network, as I think you’d like to be a part of it (tell them genuinely why you think they’d be great) I want to share more with you but I’m new and don’t want to mess this up. I’d like to have my girlfriend share more and it only takes a couple of minutes. Can I call her real quick (or can I have her pop on the line real quick)?” Three way call the sponsor in. If not: “When works for you tomorrow?” Schedule them on a 3 way call with your upline or sponsor immediately.

*IDEA: leverage individuality and exclusivity in your approach: Tell success stories of others they’d relate to. Tell them they were the first one you thought of & why.

SAMPLE PACK APPROACH (great for people with a product based company–this idea is from one of my Rock Stars, Cindy!)

Create a sample pack with some of your favorite products. You’ll share them with people you know, and people you meet when out, and say:

 “I wanted to share my products with you that I am in love with! I know you’ll love them too” (share more about what they are, and what they do, and the immediate benefits they’ll receive by using them.) “There’s instructions on how to use them. I’m going to share this with you but you have to promise me you’ll try it! Today is Sunday. I will call you on Tuesday to see how you love them. What time works best for you?” –Schedule the apt, and follow up and say:

“How did you love the products? Before you order I want to share with you why I’m doing this” (share your why- why you’re excited about the opportunity) “I want to have my friend share more with you because I’m new and I don’t want to mess up. (edify upline and share their story) Do you have a quick minute for me to loop her in?” Or “when is a good time tomorrow?” Set up 3 way call for the upline to share their story and the company story and show the prospect how easy it is to do our business!

Pass out as many sample packs as possible and always follow up in 48 hours. Schedule calls asap to reveal the opportunity behind the products. If they aren’t interested in learning more about the opportunity, sign them up as a preferred customer. This approach is so disarming as people will fall in love with the products, they are warm to listen, and of course eliminates the objection of having to try the product first—and at the very least, you’ll usually end up with a customer, who you can later follow up with and say “since you’re loving the products, you really should consider joining me in business now to save even more, and to make $ if you refer them on to others!” 

3 way calls are a great way to leverage the sponsors knowledge and the newbies excitement! They listen, and earn as they learn! It’s highly duplicable!

3) Give them homework–daily activity goals: I teach my newbies my mantra “3-5 contacts per day keeps leads coming my way!”  Have them reach out to 3-5 per day via sample pack approach and through working through their contact list WITH THEM. Stay in touch daily with a quick call or text asking them who’ve they’ve reached out to and the experience they are having. Share best practices along the way, and encourage them!


1) Review their language, and how their contacts are going. Refine and fix where necessary.

2) Teach them more ways to reach out, as well as more about your products (you can see them in their start up kit) and how to find customers.

3) Schedule their home launch events to increase their exposure for the products and opportunity, and showcase them to a lot of people at once. I like to schedule a minimum of 3 in their first few weeks.  If they are local, you go to present the first—co-present the second—they present at the third (“I do, We do, You Do–I do the first, we do the second together, you do the third”). If long distance, you may want to be present by video technology (Skype or Facetime), or via speakerphone. Focus on the art of inviting: WHO to invite, HOW to excite and INVITE, and how to follow up pre-event! A few days before the launch review how the event will flow and how to set up. Encourage them to have new partners on board to launch together. They invite friends, and friends invite their friends! Launch events are a great way to share this with their audience fast, and increase their exposure. To get in front of more people, ask friends to host one for you: “I’m expanding my business in your area, and would love to reach more people. Would you be willing to host an event for me, in exchange for free product?” We aren’t a party plan company, but it’s a great way to grow fast, and get in front of a lot of people at once to generate sales and find new partners!


Keep them plugged into team meetings and calls. Stay plugged into your company or team’s system. Stay in touch on progress. Celebrate their successes along the way! Encourage them to continue to make 3-5 contacts (via their list, or the sample pack approach) daily. And work their list with them, and help them to increase their exposure! The speed of the leader is the speed of the team! Then–YOU START AGAIN, with someone new!


Keep it Simple-Leverage their “newness” and excitement– and teach them to “EXCITE AND INVITE” immediately! And plug their guests into calls, or next exposures at events with your support in sharing the message! YOU CAN SO DO THIS! Who’s ready to “ROCK” their fast start? If so, give me a *SHOUT OUT* below!

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Keep rockin rock stars–I believe in YOU! Sarah “Rockin” Robbins

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