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Rock Your Recognition In Network Marketing


If you’re feeling unimportant and like you need a little recognition, I want you to first listen to this video, and understand how important it is that you find satisfaction in self-worth, regardless of who recognizes you. Don’t get me wrong–recognition is also an important piece of our business. So, if you’re a leader who desires to do recognition well, read below the video for more training on this topic…

With that said, recognition IS important and we should attempt to do it well…

Good leaders are great at recognition—for accomplishments both great and small! I’ve heard the saying: “people will work harder for praises than raises!” I know that to be true for myself! I once got a handwritten card from our company president! It felt so good to know that she was watching what I was doing, and I wanted to be sure I stayed on her radar so I posted it in my office, and it motivated me to take daily action in becoming successful! That card meant more to me than anything else I have earned in the business! The great news for the company? It was free! But what it mean to me? It was priceless.

Remember that– Recognition can be free—but the results it produces are priceless!

Recognition= retention! When times are tough, if you’re recognizing not only outcome but activity it encourages people to make one more call, and face one more “no”. In a business where people face a lot of rejection, recognition keeps morale high.

Your groups are made up of a lot of people doing a little bit!  People stay when they are praised and when they feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves!

Create a culture where people are addicted to recognition- it’s like GLUE that holds everything together. Our fastest growing teams have created a “sorority-hood” or sisterhood that their friends want to be a part of and that their team would never want to leave. Recognition & culture creates that!

REMEMBER: You work for your team—they don’t work for you. They make you money, and overtime they will either appreciate or resent that fact—depending on how well you treat them in return. People don’t need to be adored, but they do need to be appreciated. Here are a few ways I create culture and recognize my group

1)   social media

2)   written recognition

3)   personal calls

4)   major milestone recognition

5)   recognition at events & on calls

Let’s talk about HOW to rock recognition in these 5 CATEGORIES:

1) Social Media– it is a great tool that helps you EDIFY leaders, ENCOURAGE teams, ENGAGE your audience online.


-Welcome your new business partner. I have new distributors text me the day they get their kit to announce their business formally and to plan the official launch of their business! I tell them: When you get your kit, take a cool picture of you with it. If you have kids or a family, make it fun and do it together! There’s a cool app that allows you to put some fun text on it called “Rhonna” (iPhone app store). You can say something that creates intrigue such as “mommas got a brand new business!” Announce your new business on Facebook, and be sure in the post to include a link to your website “check it out here (link)”! When people “like” the post, or “comment” on it, you know they see it! Message them in their inbox and say “thank you for supporting my business! I saw you comment on my post, and it meant the world to me. Do you have some time that I could share more with you? I’m looking to expand my business and would love your ideas, support, and referrals! What’s a good time and number to reach you?”

I’ll announce them on my personal page a few days following, using the same picture, and tagging them to get them more visibility that week.  This edifies your newbies (they immediately get welcome replies and feel part of the community from your team), it encourages your team to see the team growing plus they get in on the fun of welcoming and congratulating others (which creates culture) but this also engages your online audience who see what fun you’re having and they want to tap into the culture & be a part of your fun and fast growing team!

You can also use social media to recognize people for cars earned, trips achieved, promotions, bonuses, successful events, etc. Post pictures of them, and paint the picture of what’s possible. Tell their “Story”.  This will edify them, encourage your team, and engage your online audience (and theirs too!)

I do this on my personal page and team pages.

I also recognize my customers too—and share their before-and-after’s, and testimonials. This edifies them, encourages our team that our products work & to share the stories, and engages the customers online audience and mine & get them thinking that they should try the product too!

2) Written Recognition rocks

I created personalized cards with our team logo, and inside it says “you rock”! I send these out whenever someone does something that deserves to be celebrated! They always post pictures of them on FB, which again, edifies, encourages and engages.

Sometimes I’ll put little $5 gift cards inside: a coffee gift card to say “your business is brewing! Keep it up!” Or “you’re on TARGET for a great promotion”, and a card to that store to shop! Or “you are totally ROCKIN it”, with an itunes gift card. Little thoughtful tokens go a long way.

Another way to do written recognition well is through doing a spotlight on success, and do monthly recognition newsletters. People love seeing their names in lights. So in addition to making announcements of calls, events, etc. I take a huge section of our monthly newsletter to recognize the rock stars on our team. I recognize super star sellers (the top # of people in personal sales), rock star recruiters, and those who made big promotions. You may want to recognize newbies knockouts too—new people joining the team, or the new people who got off to a strong start in their business! What about even having a distributor of the month who exudes the characteristics of the culture you are trying to create—they help people inside and outside of their team–those going above and beyond to be supportive and collaborative to the entire community of consultants in the company.

3) Personal Calls of Congratulations- It’s a great way to get to know leaders on your team!

4) Major Milestone Recognition For major milestones I like to send a small token of appreciation. The biggest mistake I see leaders make is spending oodles of $ on designer gifts and then their team (who may not be able to afford it) feels pressure to duplicate the same for their downline. I’ll never forget what one of my mentors, Million-dollar earner Donna Johnson reminded me: “Sarah, it’s not a question of if you can afford—the questions is can it be duplicated? What you do, your team will feel they have to duplicate.”

I now ask the question, is this scalable (so, can I do it if I have 5, 50, or 500 promotions at that level someday) and can it duplicate? So, if I do this for my personal team, can they do it for theirs, if they desire to?

For example, for a car achiever, a cool keychain is a great idea! I’ve gone to a coach outlet store, and sent them one for being a great  “coach” to their team, as a volume-based goal is a team achievement! They have awesome passport holders that are great for trip achievers to take on their travels! Flowers, phone calls, and cards are a great option too! Also-personal gifts! Have a team member who has kiddos? Send their family a “pizza night” or “movie night” with a basket full of treats and your favorite movies!!!

We’ve actually sent our corporate team pizza parties on us to thank them for their hard work and all they do—it’s affordable, and makes them feel appreciated too! Be creative, and have fun with it!!! And teach your teams to post the recognition and accomplishments they earn on FB, as you never know who will see those flowers and say “oh, I want to be recognized and be a part of something fun too—I should ask her about this!”

5) Events & Calls

Locally, we’ve done red carpet recognition events to allow our team to dress up, dance, and have fun! We’ve allowed super star sellers, rock star recruiters, and each level of leadership walk the red carpet! We had someone taking pictures so the the “paparazzi” was there, snapping their pictures! At every fun event we do, someone always has an ipod with great music and speakers, and we seem to make a dance party wherever we go—whether it’s in a conference room or on a beach!

Our leaders have also put together after parties at conventions—each pooling money, and as we’ve grown to do big parties with deejays, dancing and photographers. I reinvest into my leaders. These convention parties are like a big “thank you card” to all of them for their hard work each year and it becomes one of highlights of convention, and their year.

To create culture at the big events, we all wear an orange ribbon as an annual team tradition to create inclusion, find each other, and so I can hug, handshake, or high five them and thank them when I see them in a crowd! It’s an awesome tradition!

I also love doing retreats with my leaders too! J We do recognition, have training, and tons of fun too!

Remember—if you’re just starting off, you can also rock recognition for free on your team calls, and by having them stand and be acknowledged at training events, etc.

When all else fails, just start by loving your team & acknowledging them—

People don’t have to be adored, but they do have to be appreciated.

Acknowledgement and honor pleases God. Acknowledge the sources you’ve drawn success from (God, family, friends, mentors, leaders, team). Be thankful and grateful. Acknowledge God and the people He used in your life to place you where you are. If you acknowledge the people who helped you get to where you are, it causes them to want to do it again. If you can’t acknowledge God, or the people he’s used to promote you on any level–why would He/they want to do it again? Recognize, honor, appreciate, acknowledge….and you’ll continue to be promoted! Appreciation and honor makes what is excellent in others belong to us.

People won’t remember you for the positions you’ve held, promotions you made, or power you’ve carried–they will forever remember how you poured into their lives and how you made them feel! Rock your recognition today!

YOU ROCK! “Like” what you read? Please “share” with your teams!

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