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5 Steps on my Journey to 5 Million Dollar Circle in 5 Years


After working full time for 5 years, not only was I able to earn a 6-figure MONTHLY income, I was also the first to achieve 5 Million Dollar Circle in my company. I’m excited to share HOW!

sarah robbins 5 tips to 5 million dollar circle

In honor of this recent achievement, I put together a training webinar detailing how I did it and how others in our profession can do it too–no matter the company (the heart of the teacher always wants to share what we know, and so others can use it to grow). This is my way of giving back to a profession that has so richly blessed us! The replay is below (it’s completely generic–so please share it with your teams as it mentions no company and is not company specific–it is good for any direct sales/ network marketing/ mlm professional).

In the video we mention how network marketing has changed our lives and allowed us to give more–not just to our team as we offer them opportunities to change their life–but also our time and resources to children in the US and all around the globe! After the webinar, many of you asked how you can partner with us in our upcoming orphanage we are building. For details and to give click here=> (we will be giving *shout outs* on our Facebook page each week with updates, and to recognize the rock stars who gave!)

Last, we also mentioned since this month is my birthday, and network marketing anniversary, I created something special for you–a gift from me to you–so many of you ask if I do individual coaching, and I really felt a huge tug to provide what I could for all of you who inquire regularly. I created my first CD series (the Network Marketing University) to teach you everything I know as it relates to “Power Prospecting” how to “Rock Your Recruiting”, “Supersize Your Selling”, “Power Start Your Newbies” and much more (this is the exact system I use to train my new consultants to build big businesses)!!! It has done so well, that many companies are implementing it as their primary training system for their distributors, and thanks to you it was the #1 selling CD series in our profession last year. Now we’ve been asked for more advanced training– “Time Management for Leaders”, how to “Rock Recognition and Create Culture”, and how to do “Coaching/Accountability/Create Systems” well….so we honored your request! Much like our 1st CD series, we created another 3-CD series called the “Network Marketing University MASTER CLASS EDITION!”

We believe both CDs are a perfect partnership–as the skills taught in the 1st CD series are essential to master before moving onto the more advanced training taught in the second series. So, as my gift to you–during my birthday week (and while supplies last) we are going to be offering a special!!! Order the combo pack of the 2 CDs and you will get both, for the price of 1 CD! (*if you already have the 1st, gift it on to your next newbie, or to a rock star on your team, or offer it up as a team incentive to drive volume, sales, and performance!!!) You can purchase it here, and you’ll need to enter the code 5STAR at checkout to get the discount=>

With no further ado, here are my “5 Tips to the 5 Million Dollar Circle” (1 hour training video).

We cover: 1) How to get customers 2) How to keep customers 3) How to recruit like a rock stars 4) How to get your rock stars off to a fast start; and something totally new…5) Lessons in leadership (advanced skills).


The replay & offer is available for a limited time, so please “share” this post with your team NOW!!!


PS- if you were on the webinar, or rocked the replay, I’d love to hear your feedback below!!!


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