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Regular Events Will ROCK Your Network Marketing Business


Many people are amazed by my story– formerly shy kindergarten teacher turned 6-figure per month earner in network marketing in just 5 years! To be honest, my story surprises me too! Many people ask how I did it, and I tell them: I was coachable, and committed to daily activity, and long-term success!

When I started my business I was shy, young, and broke–and to be honest, I didn’t have much of a network. I knew to be successful in a business of networking, I would have to make some “exchanges” of time–get out of my comfort zone to “go where the people are”–be patient, and celebrate my progress along the way.

I would go to networking groups (alone). I would contact the few people I did know (and ask for referrals, and reach out to those referral sources). I leveraged social media (consistently). I would get of my house and strike up conversation (and go where the people are). I would even do events (my company is not a party plan company, but I’m willing to do anything for a short period of time to produce the long-term financial freedom that I desire, and my family deserved!)

I began doing events in my home each month, and told my friends to invite their friends–Each month had a new theme! These events were a powerful way to create awareness around our product and business, and helped me to get my initial customers and  contacts for the business!

I recently brought on board a few new local partners, and it got me so excited that I felt like I was starting my business over again! My two new partners and I set a time on Saturday morning to get together, and I told them “invite your friends! Tell them they can come hear more about what you’re up to for an hour, and you can treat them to lunch and shopping afterward!” (we have great shopping and restaurants right by us!) Here’s a picture of me setting up=>

Coffee & Conversations

It was a blast! Each gal had a few guests, and the 10 of us sat around my table, sipped coffee, and I talked about the business (how I got involved, and why we are so excited about it–and why I thought each gal would be great too!) Then I talked about the product (an overview of each one, which sat on my table–as well as my own results and making a recommendation for them!) I asked them “what interested you the most? The product or the business?” Each one said “the business!” So, I pulled out my calendar and said “let’s pencil in an enrollment appointment for you now. I’ll send you home with info to review, and we will get you rockin then! If anything changes, let me know–otherwise, I have this time set aside specifically for you to answer your questions, and get you started!”

It was so simple–and SUCCESSFUL– Brittney signed on her guest, who is signing on her friend–and Beth signed on a new partner who is signing on a few of her friends! A one hour coffee turned into 10 new team members for us!!! We said, “let’s do this again!”, and keep the momentum going! They plan to start hosting regular events close to them too, and to keep “inviting” and to teach their team to do the same!!!

It’s so simple! Upon being asked a question about your business, products, what you do, or how you retired, etc. OR if you have prospected someone and they’re interested, you can easily say “We’re having a meeting Tuesday night at 7 and you can come see what you think and if this opportunity is right for you! I’d love for you to meet my friends too! I’ll pick you up and treat you to a drink after, and answer your questions!” 

I want to encourage you today to plan a “Cocktails and Conversations” Event, or a “Coffee and Conversations” Event! Invite your friends, prospects, and customers– and tell your team to invite their friends (“it’s fun, and I’ll treat you to lunch/dinner! And we can network with other wonderful people!”) Paint the vision at the meeting, ask for the order, or enrollment appointment–and watch your team GROW, all in the privacy of your own home! If it works well, do it again, and again, and again…like my mom and I did (and we are both 6-figure MONTHLY earners in our company!)

Watch this video to see how my mom & I started it all, with EVENTS=>

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