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5 “Firsts” How to Rock A Fast Start In Network Marketing


5 “Firsts” How to Rock A Fast Start In Network Marketing

Hey there Rock Stars, Sarah “Rockin” Robbins here!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being asked to train on two team calls, as well as on my own team call. I decided to choose a topic that I have recently been reflecting on–the power of a “fast start”–how to start newbies strong!

After recruiting 10 new people personally last month, I really honed in on what the most important things are to get new people into action—and how to keep them (and myself) from getting overwhelmed, and get them off to a rockin start! Watch this quick video, then read below for an outline (and language) to help start your newbies strong (and if you’re new, use these tips to start yourself strong too!) =>

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The core principals of what it takes to build big in network marketing are timeless and universal. Stick to your system (which will include these tips)–I want to share with you 5 focuses within my system to help newbies start strong! I call it my “5 Firsts” To Help Your “Rock Your Network Marketing Business”

Here are 5 things I do to focus on getting newbies off to a rockin start=>


Set an enrollment appointment to help them choose their getting started package, and enroll in your monthly auto ship. Good leadership starts from the enrollment appointment. When you’re done, do a website walkthrough together. Teach them how to place an order and where to find training. Get them excited about starting the products, and have them take their “before” picture for before and after’s to build belief with their prospects later on! (if applicable).

I send them a welcome email and give them homework that’s income producing. I tell them: Write down every name you have in your Facebook, phone, and the memory jogger I send you, and write down the people you want to share your new business with—and let’s set a time to talk about HOW tomorrow!

2) Goal Setting and Going Through Their Contact List (Day 2)

We talk about their why—their immediate goals and any company goals they can go for. We then talk about how to get there–which requires daily activity, and consistent activity of “exciting and inviting” their prospects to learn more via call with me, coffee, or to their launch event or a team event.  I tell them– If you reach out to a few new people every day, you will build a big business over time. We then discuss ideas of how to reach out to people on their list— I brainstorm with my newbies regularly “who is your hottest prospect today, tell me about them, how can I help you reach out to them?”

You can email them language, and prospecting tips too. For example:

Call or message people you know

 “I wanted to share some exciting news with you. I know you’ve built an incredible network in Chicago. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I am building a business there and I immediately thought of you because I know how well networked you are there. I’m hoping I could share more about what we’re doing, and who we’re looking to partner with as we expand there, and see if this is a good fit for anyone you know in the area. I’d love to pick your brains and get ideas of how to expand my business there. Do you have just a few minutes so I can share more?”

Talk to people who provide you service (waiters, bank tellers, cashiers, etc)

“Thanks for your great service today! We are looking for people like you for our business! I know you are working, but could we exchange information? I’d love to tell you more about what I do! What time are you off of work so I can call? 

Talk to people when you’re out and about

Start with compliments—ask them questions about their family, where they work, etc. I like to eventually ask: Where are you from? –This question will lead you into what I like to call your “professional pick up line” later on.   Keep conversing like the game of ping pong, and eventually say how nice it was to meet them. Then ask: “Do you have a card? Earlier you mentioned you were from <their city>. My business is expanding to <their city>. I would like to give you a call and take just a few minutes to tell you what we’re doing there, and who we’re looking for and pick your brain.  I’ve so enjoyed talking to you—I’d love to reconnect and see if you can help me out.”

OR Use the “Sample pack approach”

When you’re out, give compliments, ask a lot of questions, and network! Have a normal conversation. Before you leave: “I’ve loved chatting with you today and want to leave you a little gift. I wanted to share some products with you that I am in love with! I know you’ll love them too. There are instructions on how to use them. If you promise you will use them, I promise I will follow-up and stay in touch! Today is Sunday. I will call you on Tuesday to see how you love them. What time works best for you?” Exchange info, schedule a time to follow up, and FOLLOW UP!

Prospect on Facebook

“Hi Joanna! I realize this is out the blue…. hope you’re well! I know you live in Utah & that market is an important area of growth for my business for multiple reasons. You may or may not have a personal interest, but either way I would love to tell you who I am looking for in the hopes you might know someone. Can you please shoot me your cell? I’m hoping you can help me & would love to catch up with you if nothing else. (*personalize the conversation here*) Congrats on your darling son! 10-15 minutes is all I need, as I’m sure that’s all you have time for as well right now. Thanks & I’ll drop you another message later next week if I don’t hear from you first.” Thanks Amy B for this language!

Teach them to invite people on to a call or coffee with you – or to your next meeting or event!

I tell my newbies: Now, you need to start calling people, and scheduling calls and coffees with me. I will present to them and help you to get new customers and consultants. Let’s talk again when you get your kit. Text me when it’s here!

3) Their distributor kit is here!  I have them text me the day they get their kit to announce their business formally and to plan the official launch of their business! Doors are officially open! I tell them: When you get your kit, take a cool picture of you with it. If you have kids or a family, make it fun and do it together! There’s a cool app that allows you to put some fun text on it called “Rhonna” (iPhone app store). You can say something that creates intrigue such as “mommas got a brand new business!” Announce your new business on Facebook, and be sure in the post to include a link to your website “check it out here (link)”! When people “like” the post, or “comment” on it, you know they see it! Message them in their inbox and say “thank you for supporting my business! I saw you comment on my post, and it meant the world to me. Do you have some time that I could share more with you? I’m looking to expand my business and would love your ideas, support, and referrals! What’s a good time and number to reach you?

I’ll announce them on my personal page a few days following, using the same picture, and tagging them to get them more visibility that week.

We then talk about launching their business with an official event!

This is a simple way to get their business and products in front of a lot of people at once! You know that list they made? They can invite everyone on that list to come to the grand opening of their new business. It can be a fun theme (leave the aging to wine and cheese, cocktails and conversations, or coffee and conversations if during the day!) Sending out invitations gets the best response, and always have them follow up a day or two before the event with a text reminding your guests of how happy they are they will be there (this keeps them from backing out). Encourage guests to bring a friend—the more people you have, the more new customers and consultants they will get!

If they are local, I will do the event, so not much prep is needed besides setting up! If they are long distance, I will do the presentation via skype! I just did 2 of these for new out of state personal recruits yesterday. It was simple. I skyped into their event. They have their computer hooked up to their TV via HDMI cord so everyone could see me, along with loud speakers so everyone could hear me. I held up the products while giving the presentation about the business and products. They closed the event by making product suggestions, taking orders, and asking guests if they saw anything about the business that intrigued them—and if so, they scheduled a 3-way call with me.

To keep the momentum going, I tell them after that they can always ask friends to host events for them, to get in front of a lot of people at once! Say: “My business is building in your area. I would love to meet new people. Would you host an event for me? I‘m happy to give you free product as a thank you!” This is a great way to grow a customer base fast!

4) I make sure they continue to keep posting,  keep calling , keep inviting.

I tell them: Follow my lead on Facebook, play “follow the leader”!

Keep reaching out to a few NEW people every day with the ideas I shared! Set up calls, coffees, events with me! Keep doing events! I will stay in touch regularly your first month to ask you about your progress, ask you who your hottest prospects are and help you close them, and help plan your events.


Keep them plugged into calls, meetings, and events!

You keep recruiting, and be available for their “income producing activity”!

Have Fun With This guys!!!

You can create your own fun experiences for your team too, as it grows! This creates culture, which is the “glue” that holds your team together. The friendships are what keep people in the business when there are distractions in life. Set up parties, barbecues, quarterly recognition events, team get-togethers at conventions, or retreats.! A team who plays together, stays together!

As your team grows, so will your leadership. It’s important that you decide today what kind of leader you want to be, and what kind of culture you create for your team. Always remember, whatever you do will duplicate, starting today! Create the culture that you desire and your team deserves.

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