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Celebrating My Independence! Time and Financial Freedom with Network Marketing!


This week I celebrate my independence–FREEDOM from the Daily Grind & the 9-5!


You see, network marketing radically changed my life (in 5 years I went from being a shy kindergarten teacher to a leader of a multi-million dollar organization in my network marketing business!) If I can do it, anyone can! My story=>

Here’s what I love about Network Marketing=>


 FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY-with Network Marketing you don’t trade hours for dollars, or your time for someone elses money. You can work this part time, any time! There’s no commute to work. You create your hours and block out the important things in your life and plan around them. Essentially, you design a professional life that fits around the rest of your life. Often times started as a plan B, it can easily become a plan A. That’s how I started—simply to supplement my teacher’s salary, and a few years later became a seven figure earner.

Many people are looking for extra earning potential due to the recent economic downturn.  This puts them in a bind—many are surviving on 3-4 income households, with no one raising their children. I saw this sad reality as a kindergarten teacher all of the time—kids being dropped off to school by their daycare provider, and being bussed back into daycare—they saw their parents for a meal, homework, and bed. I want to be clear I’m not slamming anyone in this situation, I just want you to know and be aware that Network marketing can provide a better solution—it doesn’t require you to go back to school, or take on another full time job. It allows you to choose a dream life over a dream job, and to be fully present in your own life, as well as your families life.

FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY- Network Marketing is one of the best choices if you’re looking to create unlimited earning potential but have little upfront money. We leverage our investment once and have the opportunity for an exponential ROI. This business allows you to create passive residual income—getting paid over and over again for work you did one time…

I mentioned earlier that if you give this enough time and effort, you are able to compress a 30-50 year career into 3-5 years! This business can lead to ongoing residual income for you. If you build it right, you can get paid on the royalties or residual income forevermore! This business provides true leverage—which gives you security. True wealth is created through leverage. This business model has little to do with YOU, but rather what you start. Once you build your Network Marketing empire—it becomes an asset to you. It is an incredible financial vehicle that allows you to pursue all of your lifes goals and dreams.

With Network Marketing, we also turn expenses into an income, buying from our own product store. And there are many tax advantages associated with owning a home based business. All of this allows you to make money or save money. You will get paid to talk about your transformative products and award winning business model—and you get paid to talk about what you love! All the while you are able to earn amazing  bonuses, competitive commissions, and incredible incentives! This is the company’s way of rewarding you for a job well done—you don’t just get paid, you also get recognized!

FUN & FRIENDSHIP—you choose those you partner with in this business. You have the chance to build your success, all while helping others to succeed!  You celebrate your success together in countless trips and trainings around the world! How lucky are we?!

FABULOUS OPPORTUNTIES FOR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GROWTH: you are in business for yourself, and not by yourself. In our business model you receive incredible training through the company and team training systems that are provided. You also receive incredible personal development opportunities so you can grow as a person, which helps to support you inside and outside of our business model. This leads to incredible life and leadership skills—you grow in confidence and communication! The best part? You earn as you learn! The personal and professional growth opportunities definitely outweigh the paycheck for me!

To sum it up all up in one word: Network Marketing provides FREEDOM! 

Isn’t it time that you share the gift of network marketing with your friends, family, and everyone you meet? Think of this as a gift that will provide them the freedom and independence that they are longing for!

Have a safe, happy, Fourth of July weekend & don’t forget to chat about network marketing with your friends this weekend…after all, who wants to go back to work after a long holiday weekend??? 

This Week I am Celebrating My Independence! Time and Financial Freedom with Network Marketing!


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Keep rockin rock stars–I believe in YOU! Sarah “Rockin” Robbins

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