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Network Marketing Hype Makes Me Sad, and Makes Us All Look Bad!

Check out today’s video to see why “the grass is not greener”, then read below for my thoughts=>

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The grass ISN’T greener…
Just for the record, in network marketing…
1) Timing in a company doesn’t guarantee you a check. Your productivity does.
2)You have to work your business. Every day. Personal activity is the cure to what ails you in your network marketing business. You will be successful if you make 3 NEW invitations every day for people to hear more about your business, and then you give it the time it takes to be successful. This is true in any credible company with an average product and plan.
3) Give your business 3-5 years of your time, effort, and energy. It takes time to develop your talent. But where else could you compress a 30-50 year career into 3-5 years?
4) Remember, that the grass is never greener in another company–the grass is only greener where you water it. You’ll do 2 things in network marketing: sell a product and promote an opportunity.
5) So pick a company with a product you’re passionate about, and stick with it!

I’ve had people try to recruit my colleagues into another company, noting “timing” in their company–and said that it was because they are a “ground floor” company. First of all, I don’t endorse cross recruiting people from other companies (respect that they are in the company they chose for a reason) nor do I endorse recruiting based on “hype” (it makes our profession look bad)–neither are good/ethical recruiting practices. There were plenty of people who started at the same time as me in my company who weren’t willing to work, or didn’t have the long term vision who quit–I stayed in it and am a seven figure earner in my company today, and so is my mother. Timing doesn’t guarantee you a check–PRODUCTIVITY DOES! So let’s get to work, and ROCK YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS!




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