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How to Build a Sizzling Network Marketing Business This Summer


Summer is here, and now is the time to rock your network marketing business! We have so many opportunities to heat things up with travel, social events, etc! Check out my video below, for a little inspiration–then read below the video for top tips to build a rockin’ hot business this summer=>

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Sizzling Summer Tips from the Top:

1) Make the most of travel. While at hotels, or on the airplane ask people a lot of questions while networking: “What brings you to South Carolina. Where are you from? What do you do?” You can later bring the conversation back: “Earlier you mentioned you were from Florida. I am actually building a business there. I would love to stay in touch and continue our conversation–and perhaps I could share with you more at a later time about our expansion into your area. What is a great way to stay in touch?” Get their number, and find them on Facebook! Don’t forget to follow up! (*I met one of my newest top leaders on the beaches of Bora Bora!)

While in new areas, don’t forget to have friends or family you are visiting to host events for you so you can get in front of their network. This way you can add new customers and distributors in new markets, but you can also write off a portion of the trip! (ask your accountant for advice. I am not one). You should try this even if you aren’t in a party plan (I’m not–and I still do events as I believe it is a great way to get my opportunity and product in front of a lot of people at once!)

2) Bring samples and cards everywhere you go this summer! Pass out 3-5 per day! Look for opportunities on the lake, at the pool, and at events–weddings, graduation parties, etc! Your goal is to make new friends, and get their digits!

3) Gift products at every occassion–end of year teacher gifts, fundraisers, etc. Be sure to follow up to see how they love them, and if they love them–wouldn’t they want to hear more about the opportunity (so they can get them at wholesale pricing?)

4) Host summertime soirees–“cocktails and conversations”, “coffee and conversations”–Poolside? Outside? For your team, your customers, and your prospects! These events can be “friends and family/ customer appreciation events” where you do giveaways, and share more about your products and opportunity–and feature success stories of people loving the products, and experiencing success with the business!

5) Keep the kids busy (day-camp, babysitters, play-dates!) Kids want a change of scenery, and you deserve the undistracted time to revisit and refresh your contact list! Go through your phone, facebook, and any other “memory jogger” you have! Commit to calling 1 or 2 new people per day about your business. Revisit customers too–they make the best distributors, as they are already in love with your products!

Set a goal with your sponsor for the summer months–do the same for your team. Get an accountability partner in the business to work together with–help your team members find one too! Remember–the speed of the leader is the speed of the team (whatever you do will duplicate)! So don’t slow down–it’s easier to steer momentum than it is to start it back up again!

I share more tips and specific language to build your business all year round, in my best-selling book ROCK YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS! Hope today’s post helped!

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