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This 4th of July week, not only do I celebrate our Independence, I also celebrate my FREEDOM from the daily grind, and the 9-5! Check out this video to see why I think network marketing is the greatest gig on the planet–then read below for more =>

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Here’s why I believe Network Marketing truly ROCKS=>

This is a brilliant business model where instead of investing in advertising and celebrity endorsement, companies invest in our success. This opportunity allows us to leverage the integrity of big brands, and the time, talent and resources of our corporate dream teams.

Direct selling is a simple business model that doesn’t require a college degree, huge overhead, employees, or a brick and mortar shop. It’s a scalable business, and it’s just plain smart. The Direct Selling Association recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary, so it’s a tried and true business model that’s proven to be solid.

Network marketing provides a turnkey business where you start at a low cost. It carries many incredible benefits such as: Freedom and Flexibility, Financial Opportunity, Fun and Friendship, and Fabulous Opportunities For Growth!

Let’s talk about that…

Freedom and Flexibility-In our profession you can work your business part time, any time! There’s no commute to work. You create your hours and block out the important things in your life and plan around them. Essentially, you design a professional life that fits around the rest of your life. Often times started as a plan B, it can easily become a plan A. I started my business to supplement my teacher’s salary, and I was able to build a business beyond my wildest dreams!

Financial Opportunity- We leverage our upfront investment of time and resources, and have the opportunity for an exponential return. We get paid to talk about our transformative products and our award winning business model. We get paid to talk about what we love– and we can earn amazing bonuses, competitive commissions, and incredible incentives! This is the company’s way of rewarding us for a job well done. We don’t just get paid, we also get recognized!

Fun and Friendship-What I love most about our profession is having the opportunity to build success, all while helping others to succeed! We celebrate our success together in countless trips and trainings around the world! One of the greatest rewards of building my business has been the friendships I’ve made.

Fabulous Opportunities For Personal and Professional Growth-You are in business for yourself, and not by yourself. We receive incredible training through our company and team training systems that are provided. We grow personally and professionally! We earn as we learn! The personal and professional growth opportunities definitely outweigh the paycheck for me!

To sum it up all up in one word-network marketing has provided me FREEDOM!

With network marketing, every day can truly be a holiday!


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