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Rock Stars,
Today I was prompted by Facebook to create the cool “year in review” post–where Facebook pulls the highlights of your year, and creates a synopsis of your best moments from the year to post on your personal page (check mine out here.)
     Some of my highlights included hosting a retreat for our leaders in our brand new home on the lake (something I’ve dreamed of doing for years–I love to entertain, and adore treating my team); hosting a 10 year vow renewal at our home with our family (when we first got married we could barely afford a wedding. We now LOVE blessing people in our home); travel around the world (incentive trips are perks of our profession–we couldn’t afford international travel before network marketing); Rock Your Network Marketing Business being a best-seller in network-marketing books all year long (thanks to you); and the best part of the year??? Walking out our reason “WHY”–opening a home for 117 children in India, providing housing, a clean water well, food, and love! Never did I imagine that any of this would be possible…but as I reflected on my “year in review” I realized it was all possible because of network marketing. That is the power of our profession–living life on our terms, and living a life we truly love with those we love.
     I know there are days that seem daunting–when you pick up the phone and hear uncounted “nos”. I realize there are times we face rejection (heck my own sisters don’t do the business–but we all have our own path). I understand that it takes time and daily effort to be successful (it took me 3 months to recruit my first consultant!) But when I think about which was greater–the risks and rejection, or the reward– I see the true rewards that lie before my eyes, and I know without a doubt that it was all worth it!
     Never give up on your dreams my friends–you don’t need a new opportunity in the New Year, you need a new commitment to your opportunity! It won’t always be easy–but the rewards will be so worth it. You can do anything for a short period of time to produce the long term rewards that you desire and your family deserves. You are creating a legacy for your family–there’s no other business model out there that allows us to do what we do, live how we live, and give how we give. Give your business the attention it needs and time it takes (it took me 7 years to get to where we are today)–there is NOTHING like seeing your reason “WHY” in action…


I have great things in store for you rock stars in the New Year, so stay tuned to SarahRobbins.Com! But for now, we wish you a Happy Holiday and a healthy New Year–from our heart, and home to yours!  XOXO, Sarah “Rockin” Robbins


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