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Rock Stars ~ During this week of love, all of us at Rockin Robbins Publishing Group want you to know we “HEART” you…that’s right, we think you really, really ROCK!

Many of you have asked for our Best-selling book in bulk for your team, as well as quantities of the #1 CD series in Networking Times! You asked, and we’re ready to rock, and ROLL it out to you!

Check it out here:

You can now get  Rock Your Network Marketing Business the book (I gift one to each new member on my team, and sign the inside with a note of encouragement)–and Network Marketing University the CD series (I gift one to each leader on my team when they promote) in quantities at a deep discount (the discount is reflected when you add quantities to the cart–the more you buy, the more you save). We want to make it possible for you to get these materials in the hands of all of your rock stars, at a great savings! Perhaps you want to treat yourself?– Get the combo pack! (The biggest savings are in the combo packs, as the book is practically free, after production cost, when you buy the CD series!)

We hope this is a continued show of our appreciation, because we think you absolutely ROCK!

More great news:

We’d like to announce the winners of our 70k Giveaway

(Please message us with your email, address, and number to receive your prizes)=>

1) Winner of the signed book: Tara Probst

2) Winner of the CD series: Traci Garceau

3) Winner of the team coaching call: Elle Foley

And now for a little more “LOVE”… a training tip for the week=>

We’ve created a culture of LOVE– a “sorority feel” or “sisterhood” on our team. Culture is the “glue” that holds your team together! Culture serves two purposes: 1) making our consultants feel welcomed, recognized, and appreciated 2) It engages our online “followers” and encourages friends and family to ask what we do, and want to be a part of it!

One of the ways we do this is through our “welcome posts” to our new consultants on our personal Facebook pages (hope you watched my social media trainings–you get Part 1 and 2 recordings for FREE when you make a purchase for books or CDs on this site!)

Here’s 1 of 5 things I coach my new consultants to do “first” when getting started:

Your kit is here! Text me the day you get your business kit to announce your business formally and to plan the official launch of your business! Doors are officially open! When you get your kit, take a cool picture of you with it (open it up, spread stuff out, make it fun!) If you have kids or a family, make it fun and do it together! There’s a cool app that allows you to put some fun text on it called “Rhonna” (iPhone app store). You can say something that creates intrigue such as “mommas got a brand new business!” Announce your new business on Facebook, and be sure in the post to include a link to your website “check it out here (link)”! When people “like” the post, or “comment” on it, you know they see it! This is an open door for conversation. Message them in their inbox and say “thank you for supporting my business! I saw you comment on my post, and it meant the world to me. Do you have some time that I could share more with you? I’m looking to expand my business where you are, and would love your ideas, support, and referrals! What’s a good time and number to reach you?”

I announce my newbies on my page a few days following, using the same picture, and tagging them to get you more visibility that week.

(*See example below–and WELCOME to my “newbie knockout” Tiffany! She uploaded the pic with the text “mommy’s new biz” onto FB first, announcing her business, and sharing her website! She inboxed each person who engaged on her post! Days later, I downloaded the pic, and added the “Congratulations Tiffany” text, uploaded to my FB, and asked my team to help in welcoming her. I tagged her, so it showed up on her page again for more visibility from her friends and family!

This helps to:

1) Encourage your team

2) Edify your newbie

3) Engage your online audience

This works really great for posting promotions too!

Here’s an example of a recent welcome post:

Image-1 (1)

I’d love to hear from you! What do you do to create culture on your team?

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