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Today concludes the “Love Series” on And I thought, why not end with a love story?

11 years ago, Phil (Mr. “Rockin Robbins”) and I were paying bills from our quarter jar, wondering how we would be able to afford a wedding (we pulled it off, on a very small budget!) We recently celebrated ten years of marriage, and we decided to recreate the “Day of our Dreams” with those we love.

There is so much to celebrate…because of our network marketing business, our lives have changed for the better. We are now able to live more, give more, and love our lives even more! We decided to host a celebration in honor of 10 years of marriage at our new home–and also give 100 children a brand new home in celebration of love, and in the spirit of giving…

Watch the video below to see how it turned out, then read below the video for more=> 

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Because of network marketing, we are able to live a life that we truly love–and do amazing things with–and for–the people that we love! It is my heart’s deepest desire that you will find a vehicle or profession that you love to pursue a life that you truly love–so you can live more, give more, and love your life even more! That is why I am so passionate about teaching what we teach–sharing what we share–giving what we give…I guess that is the former kindergarten teacher in me!



Phil and I want to thank “Team Rockin Robbins”–it’s our rock stars (our team, and our corporate dream team) who make all of this possible–117 little boys now have a new home–and a new life because of YOU! We also want to thank ALL who gave, and all who prayed!



I hope you enjoyed reading this series as much as I LOVED writing it! If you wouldn’t mind, leave me a little “LOVE” and feedback below….XO Sarah

I LOVE Network Marketing

I also have to give a shout out to VLD Events for creating the DAY OF OUR DREAMS!

Special thanks to Angel House and our good friends Lindsay and Dominic Russo for pursuing your dreams, so we could pursue ours!

Epic Motion– Videography

Bryce Covey – Photography



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