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The “LOVE” Series Continues.

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We all have a choice to remain rooted and grounded in our responding…

When we get that text that ticks us off; when we get that email that bugs us a bit… we have a choice to REACT or we can choose to RESPOND in love.

Reaction is an emotional decision often commanded by our emotions or exhaustion.

Responding is a thought out reply, emotions aside, leading with logic , love, and level-headedness.

Often times what you are going through is simply a test to see how you will remain rooted in your responding–and is a refining trial for YOU. Situations groom and grow US. Struggles strengthen us, IF we allow them to. When we pass these tests, we can be promoted to new levels of leadership and have a greater measure of influence.

How we treat people can have a great impact on the degree in which we are blessed in our lives. We can’t be rude and inconsiderate and expect to be treated right by others and live in victory. If we want to be promoted at any level, we must be faithful in the platform that we currently have.

I remember a time when my leadership was put under pressure (during a very difficult time of my life)–and through my obedience to God and faithfulness to others, in time I was promoted–and throughout this trial I was protected.

There were people in a position of power who tried to come against our leadership for a season. I felt the urge to react, defend, and explain. But I kept hearing a still voice remind me to “Be still”…to allow God to be my vindicator and to continue to walk in love.

This was a refining process for me–which taught me the importance of responding in love (versus reacting). I grew as a person and leader during this time–and although uncomfortable I was being created into the person and leader I was intended to be. Although I wouldn’t want to go through this again, I wouldn’t trade the situation for how it groomed me and grew me into becoming a better leader, learning how to walk in love and be quick to forgive.

In time, truth was revealed & relationships were healed. A life-changing conversation happened when one person came to us and said “what made all of the difference in the world was seeing how you and your husband responded in love to the situation!” We never gossiped–we never defended (although we could’ve)–instead we prayed behind the scenes, and allowed the process to refine us. We remained rooted and grounded in our responding over time.

Talk about something bad being used for good!

You may be in a situation right now that is grating your last nerve–or turning up feelings of extreme pain and hurt. Do not repay evil with evil. Repay evil with good…


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Recently we discussed the story of Joseph (<= click here for a 30 min replay). Although it’s a spiritual teaching, I believe the lessons learned in this story can help many who are in the place of leadership.

There’s a story in the Old Testament of a man named Joseph– if anyone had a right to react and return evil for evil it was him! His brothers hated him so much that they threw him into a pit and were going to kill him, but decided to sell him into slavery instead! Years went by and he endured extreme heartache (being lied about, tormented, and accused). But he kept a good attitude and continued to be blessed! After 13 years of being in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, he was promoted to the second highest position in Egypt!

He was in charge of the food supply when a famine struck and his brothers traveled to Egypt for food for their family. Joseph could have ordered them killed, but instead gave them all the food they needed. Is it any wonder why he was promoted and protected? He knew how to respond in love, and treat people right!

When you bless your enemies, you will never lose! When you continue to respond in love (no matter how difficult) you will always come out greater on top. Respected and protected–and promoted and accepted! A loved leader by many!

Next time you get that text, email, or call–let it sit for a day or two. Wait for the emotions to die down, and the exhaustion to subside. Choose wisely how you respond. It may be the process that has been chosen to promote YOU!

I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on this topic below.


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