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Telling Your PRODUCT STORY in Network Marketing


Hey there Rock Stars!

Sarah Robbins here! I’m a former kindergarten teacher turned top network marketing leader! In my former profession, I would be in school today with my little kiddos, likely sitting in a circle, kicking off “Reading Month” in March! Since I no longer teach in a classroom, but still have the heart of a teacher–I thought we would kick off a “Story Series” here on the blog, each Monday in the month of March. After all, as network marketing professionals, we are paid story tellers!

Over the next few weeks I will teach you how to: craft a powerful product story that will make people want to learn more about your products; share your business story in a way that will make people want to learn more about joining your team; tell your company story in a packaged and professional way; and you’ll learn how to use social media to share your story, reach more people, and accelerate your results! This will be so much fun! Let’s dive right in….

Today’s topic is: How to Tell a Powerful Product Story! Watch this video first, then read below it for a complete outline on how to package (and practice) your POWERFUL PRODUCT STORY=>

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Product Story Outline to Craft Your Story (keep it less than a minute):

1) What was your history or challenge?

2) Who introduced you to your product?

3) What product did you use to achieve your results?

4) What initial results did you see?

5) What is the “Best Part” of your results?

Here’s an example using the above outline:

“I’ve always struggled with acne, blemishes, and breakouts. My kindergarteners used to say “Mrs. Robbins, you have polka-dots on your face!” My mom introduced me to the _______ regimen. I started using it and immediately my swelling went down, the redness went away, and the best part is….today I am “polka-dot free”! Many others are achieving great results with our products too…I would love to tell you more about our products, and make a personal recommendation for you!”

Package your story today–and practice it with your significant other, spouse, or sponsor! Then “Share” this with a rock star on your team! Rock on, rock stars! XO

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