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How To Host Virtual Events in Network Marketing


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Welcome to our Social Media for Network Marketing Series! Every Monday we will be releasing FREE SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING FOR NETWORK MARKETERS on the blog (sorry I’m late this week–Monday was my birthday!) Be sure to subscribe to our emails to be notified when a new training is released! It’s week three, and today we are talking about–How To Host Virtual Events in Network Marketing (perfect for helping launch your long-distance distributors, STRONG–or to pull in your long-distances prospects to your presentations!)

Watch the video to learn how to do this efficiently and effectively first, then read below on the blog, for more tips:


What is a VBL?–A Virtual Business Launch is a cross between a live event and an opportunity call– it allows you to present powerfully with your team from anywhere in the world. VBLs come in handy when you are growing a market out of state (or the country) and it allows you to support a growing team there!

Here’s the types of technology I like to use for virtual launches and presentations:

Skype or Google Hangout– (which have a video component).  For large groups, I like to ask my distributors to  hook up their computer to their TV via an HDMI cord or an Apple TV so their prospects can see me on a large screen. I also ask that they test their speakers to be sure no one is straining to hear me.

Pick a service, do some research, google search for tutorials, practice!

Here are a few tips on VBLS: What to do Pre-, During, and Post-Event:

  1. Pre-event
    Teach your new distributor to focus on inviting.  Connect by phone to personally invite guests. Tell them their support means the world to you. Then send personal invitations. Follow up a few days before the actual event with a text: “So excited for Saturday! ‘See’ you then!”
  1. During the Event:
    Give an engaging presentation, and have the distributor stream you into their event! They share their story, and introduce you. Open up with your story–the company’s story (& more about the opportunity). Transition into your product story–share more about your product and how it can benefit the prospect (if applicable, hold up the products behind the screen as you share them). End with a clear call to action of what to do next if they are interested in the product or opportunity. Create urgency (offer free gifts with purchase until a certain date–or 3-way calls for the next 2 days if interested in the business!) The distributor on the other end should be coached on how to make product recommendations, take orders, and schedule 3-way calls if people are interested in the business. Coach them on how to close the event effectively when you’re offline–and you be by your phone in case they call you, and need help.
  2. Post Event:
    Remind your distributor–the fortune is in the follow up! They need to call each guest: “Thank you so much for coming! What did you think of the launch? What questions did you have?” –Then transition into the business: “I think the business would be a great fit for you too, because… (personalize the conversation). Do you have any interest?” And/or “What product intrigued you most?”

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