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The Best of Social Media Strategy With Sarah Robbins


The Best of Social Media Strategy With Sarah Robbins

Hey there rock stars! Sarah “Rockin” Robbins here!

Welcome to our Social Media for Network Marketing Series! Every Monday we will be releasing FREE SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING FOR NETWORK MARKETERS on the blog. Be sure to subscribe to our emails to be notified when a new training is released!

I’m the #1 earner, and a top recruiter every year in my company. One of the primary ways that I love to POWER PROSPECT for new leads in my business is through social media. I’m passionate about sharing these tips with others to help them build the business of their dreams!

This week, I wanted to release 2 of my most requested Social Media Trainings to you and your team for FREE (be sure to share it with them)! If you’ve watched these before, why not revisit them this week? If you’ve not seen these, I am sure they will be a treat! Enjoy==>

Social Media Part 1 (1:10)

How to Rock Your Recruiting On Facebook

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Social Media Part 2 (57:48)

How to Rock Your Recruiting On Other Social Sites

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Note: I recorded these last year, and since then so many new things have been released on social media…if I hosted an ONLINE Social Media Summit sometime this spring, would you be interested in attending? Leave me a note in the comments below if so–and please share what you’d like to learn–if I get enough interest I will start working on something!

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Hope this helps YOU to ROCK your network marketing business!

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For now, keep ROCKIN your network marketing business!

All the best,
Sarah Robbins, Network Marketing Professional

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