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How NOT To Use Social Media in Network Marketing


Welcome to our Social Media for Network Marketing Series! Every Monday we will be releasing FREE SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING FOR NETWORK MARKETERS on the blog, so be sure to subscribe to our emails to be notified when a new training is released! It’s week two, and today we are talking about– How NOT to use Social Media, and why some think network marketing is a little bit “scammy“, and a whole lot of “spammy“! 

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A “Teachable Moment” From a Former Teacher

A loving note to my fellow direct selling professionals–

I adore your ambition and commitment to growing your business. I’m seeing a trend that has me concerned with several different cos (none in particular)…and that is the coaching or action of adding everyone on your friends list to your sales group/online parties on these social sites, without sending them a personal invitation, allowing them the opportunity to accept or decline your invitation.

NOTE: I don’t have a problem with virtual parties or online events (Facebook groups created to present your network marketing product). I do them all the time, and train on them too.My issue comes with how we are inviting people to these social media sales events (many times hosted in a Facebook group).

I personally don’t like being added to people’s sales pitches online without prior permission. Here’s why:

1) Our business is about personal relationships. Think about it–it feels like “Spam” when you’re added to something unknowingly without a conversation attached (or sometimes even knowing who the person is). If you truly want me to learn more about your product, contact me personally. Tell me about it! “Share” are little bit, then “invite” me to learn more if I am interested!
2) It’s just not effective. Even for traditional in-home events I coach people to always follow up an invitation with a personal phone call to invite someone, and show appreciation for their support and interest. Go out of your way to treat them as your guest of honor, and make them feel special.
3) Many social sites starting to take action on people who are doing this (spamming activity) and it ruins these functionalities for people using it properly.

I know your intentions are good. I know you’re simply excited to get your products into the hands of as many people as possible–because you know it will help them, or they will enjoy it…But nothing replaces the importance of personal and professional communication by offering personal invitations to people. It’s traditional–it’s timeless–and it’s just good manners. Even if we still use “new school” technology (online events)–we can still incorporate “old school” traditions/manners/etc that we know work, and are appreciated–like making invitations personal. Again, I don’t have a problem with virtual events or online parties themselves–I simply want us to do our audience right in personally inviting them (allowing the option to decline or accept our invitation) without making them feel “spammed” or impersonal, as more and more of my friends who aren’t in network marketing are saying “If I get added into one more ____ group on FB!”

I get added to people’s sales groups/online parties every day. I’m a top leader in network marketing, and even I don’t appreciate it, to be honest. I personally don’t even look at what is being offered when I see I am added randomly to the sales group (by people I typically don’t know.) To be honest, it annoys me that I have to go through the hassle of taking myself off the group. I go to “Settings” and “leave the page” and “prevent the user from adding me back”.

HOWEVER, when a friend picks up the phone to call me to invite me to their party–sharing their excitement, or sends me a personal message/invitation to an online or in-person event I’m more inclined to support them and spread the news. This is what I’ve trained our team, and it’s served us (and our personal reputation, and our company’s reputation) very well– for the long term.

How people perceive network marketing as a whole, matters to us all! Let’s continue to elevate our powerful profession so IT is around for the long term. Just wanted to provide a teachable moment for us all because I care about you. And your success!

The best thing we can do is educate (not condemn) our fellow colleagues in the network marketing profession. I hoped I helped to do that today.

Next weeks post will be on how TO host (and promote) online events RIGHT! Stay tuned and get on our newsletter now so you don’t miss it! <= we will never use the list to spam YOU–hehe!

For now, keep ROCKIN your network marketing business!

All the best,
Sarah Robbins, Network Marketing Professional

What do YOU think about this topic? I welcome your comments below!

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