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Handling Objections in Network Marketing, Direct Sales, and MLM


Handling Objections in Network Marketing, Direct Sales, and MLM

As the #1 earner of my network marketing company, I am often times asked how to handle the “dreaded objections” that come up during the prospecting process in business. First of all let me say–much of their response is determined by how WE respond. The ABILITY to respond is our RESPONSIBILITY. I am not offended by objections at all–as it usually means the prospect is considering the opportunity enough to not blow me off, and ask me some questions.

Never get on the defense, and always validate your prospects concerns and question: I like to answer questions and handle objections by sharing stories of people they can relate to whenever possible. I also like to use the “feel felt found method” so they know that I am on their side. So I might say, “oh, I understand how you feel. My partner “so and so” felt the same way when she got started…but here’s what she found out.” Validate them and they will be on your side.

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Let me share how I answer a few common objections: 

“I’m so busy, I don’t have enough time to do this!” 

“ I understand how you feel. I felt the same way when I got started. I was teaching kindergarten full time, and working this business very part time. But that’s not uncommon. We’ve found that most people work this business on very part time hours – working it into your everyday life on your own time! In just about 10-15 hours per week.” Tell stories of people who are working their business part time successfully! (*Remember: facts tell, stories sell in this business!)

I don’t have the Money to get started

“I can appreciate that. Many people are in the same place because of the recent recession. Because money is tight, this is all the more reason to join us! What if I can teach you a simple way to make the money back with our bonuses, during your first month?” (*share your fast start bonuses…if they still cannot start, then share other ideas to save up for the kit: such as having a garage sale, selling gold, auctioning household items on ebay, or take out a loan)

I’m not a salesperson

“Terrific! I’m not looking for salespeople! I am not a salesperson either. I’m in the business of sharing—our incredible products and the possibility of becoming a turn key entrepreneur with a global brand! I’m looking for passionate people that when they love something they’ll share. We’re looking for people who enjoy helping others. I can see you have your doubts but I want to reassure you if you decide to join us I will be training you! If I didn’t think you could do this, we wouldn’t be talking!

I don’t know anybody

Again—stories are powerful! I would share with them my story-when I started my business I had just moved, just gotten married…I was a formerly shy teacher in my 20’s, and truly didn’t know many people. But through our profession and proven system, I was able to expand my network and not only meet new customers, and consultants, but also new friends! By the age of 29 I was our company’s first 6 figure MONTHLY earner, and began earning a multiple six figure monthly income by 30!

I’d say: “What I love about this business is that it’s not necessarily who you know, but people you’ll meet, and be referred to! Plus, this business is a great way to get to know people as well. We will teach you tools to help you reach out.”

 Don’t want to bug my friends or family

“Thank goodness! I don’t want you to bug your friends and family either! That is not what I do. I share what I’m doing & pick their brains to see if there’s anyone they know this would be great for.  I find what people have need of and then I try to fill that need whether it be with our product, or a need for extra income. I simply use a referral approach, asking them whom they know! Sometimes they identify themselves! We do that all the time—asking for referrals for babysitters, dry cleaners, etc!”

I need to try the products first

If they are local, and I can get a product sample to them, I say, “here, try this now, and tell me what you think!” Or- tell them that their start up pack is a great way to sample all of your products, and they get to learn as they earn!

I would also say: “As you know our company has a proven track record of product success. This is a learn as you earn business. When you purchase your products as a consultant, you’ll get below wholesale pricing. You’ll be able to try them all as you’re getting started, and all the while build a really great business! In the meantime the company provides incredible product testimonials”.

Is this a pyramid? (How many times do you think I heard this?!?!?!)

Actually, In my 5 years of doing this business I’ve only heard this objection once because of my belief and posture—it’s so strong that it’s not questionable. So if you’re getting this a lot be sure to connect with one of your leaders about personal and professional development materials that can increase your belief in yourself, our opportunity, and the profession as a whole. If I got this objection I might say something funny like: “No. Why? Is that what you’re looking for? “ Or…

“What do you mean by Pyramid? Pyramids are illegal. With pyramids there is no exchange of goods or services. We have an amazing product and a very loyal customer base who are elated with their results! Let’s get back to talking about if the business is a good fit for you—what other questions do you have?” I then move on quickly, so I don’t appear to be on the defense.


After you’re done answering questions and handling objections, move on to the close– I would ask them if they have any final questions then say:

“On a scale from 1-10, how interested are you in the opportunity?” If they say 5 or higher, I would say: “what would make you a 10?” –this works very well, as it exposes their final objections that you can answer.Then, ask them to join you!

Remember: even if they say “no” now, delay is not denial. “No” doesn’t mean “no” forever, it just means “not right now”. Get them started on your products, and ask them who they know that would benefit from your opportunity and product. Then, revisit them at a later time.

You can SO do this! I’m proud of you Rock Stars! Go and ROCK your home business today! XO Sarah “Rockin” Robbins

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