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From Orphans to Angels- Phil and Sarah Robbins Trip To India


When you bless others, your life is blessed.

When you meet a need, your needs are met. 

Going to India changed our lives radically—we went in with great anticipation of how we could bless the children of India, and change lives….but I must say, they blessed us, and our lives are forever changed.

I recently heard someone say: “Character develops over time. Revelation develops in an instant.” We feel as though we spent the past 30 years “preparing” for this one trip, and that this one trip has changed our lives in an instant. We had some pretty major revelations during this trip, and I believe it was because we took a step of faith into our destiny, even when it wasn’t easy—we left during our busiest time in business (during a qualifying month for our company convention) and in our personal lives (preparing for the holiday), travel was long and exhausting (almost 2 days travel in, and 30 hours and 4 flights to get home), and this type of trip is very taxing on the body and your emotions. This trip truly stretched us in many ways.

In preparation for our trip to India, we were told: “India is an attack on the senses”. You don’t truly realize the magnitude of that statement until you go. In some of the poorest areas, and most remote parts of the world, we saw, smelled, heard, tasted, and felt things we had never experienced before: from staying up in the mountains in the freezing cold with no heat, to extreme heat and mosquitos in the city areas (which is especially bad during the summer). The sounds: we got used to hearing constant horns beeping in the city areas (they use horns to communicate on the road), to roosters constantly crowing and birds squawking the mountains. The sights: we saw extreme poverty—homeless children gathering scraps of food to eat, alongside of the road. The most memorable experience for me was having a complete moment of anxiety on the side of a mountain—over 5,000 feet up, in an old rickety bus, on a one lane dusty trail (of which they were cleaning after a mudslide). Imagine being on a bus, looking off a cliff, on a steep one-lane, mountainside “trail”. The locals called it the “road to China”. I called it the “road to heaven”. Phil later informed me this was the road featured on the TV Show “World’s Deadliest Roads…” This was the road that led us to one of the orphanages. Each time I felt the urge to complain I was reminded that this was daily living for these people—no heat or extreme heat, the smells, the sounds, the sights– the poverty, the pain….

I wouldn’t trade our experience for anything. We went to India to open orphanages, and spend time with the children there. All of the sickness, anxiety, and stress caused by traveling and being “out of your element” melted away when you pulled up to see dozens of smiling faces waiting for you, and waiting to see their new homes and their new beds for the very first time!

Children Wait To See Their Home For The First Time

One of my greatest memories of a lifetime was when Phil and I witnessed 50 children run into their new home like they were running into Disney World. Their smiles sparkled as they laid on their brand new beds – the first time they would ever lay on a bed or a pillow in their entire lives. We wrapped our arms around the children and welcomed them into more than just their new homes, but their new lives.  We played with them, taught them games, sang with them, and loved on them!

Boys Get A Brand New Bed!

As memorable and wonderful as our time was, we know that we can do so much more – more than 25 million orphans just like those still live tragic lives on the streets and in the slums with the same fate those 50 children once held. One of the children at the first home was actually found “buried alive” alongside a railroad track. Someone saw their little fingers and toes wiggling, and they were rescued and given a second chance.  You can’t turn away from this reality, and what we saw.

We know this visit wasn’t the end for us, but rather the beginning… without a miraculous rescue, these orphaned children are doomed to end up in one of three places: forced child trafficking, child labor, or begging on the streets for barely enough to get by. This is no life for a human being, let alone for a child. We know that we can do so much more.

This one experience transformed our lives.  We had our instantaneous “revelation”. A true picture of our purpose and plan—our life’s mission—our reason “why”.

Our business is a marketplace ministry that allows us to impact and influence thousands of lives within our opportunity. Our business also provides us the time and resources to be able to impact and influence the children of the world in a meaningful way.

As YOU prepare for this holiday season, think about ways that you can make a difference in the lives of others too, and live “outside of yourself”.


I sometimes get a little uneasy when people say: “I wish I could bless people like you—I don’t have the money…” Why can’t you be a blessing with your time, and volunteer, or be a friend to others? Why can’t you be a blessing with your talent, and do something nice for another individual, family, or organization? And if you have the resources, use them to make a difference in the lives of others…you CAN make a difference.


This life is not our own—we are blessed to be a blessing. We all have a divine purpose and plan for our life that only we can fulfill. Focus on being a blessing—somewhere, someone is waiting for you.

Meet a need—your needs will be met.

Be a blessing—your life will be blessed.

Be a friend—your relationships will be fulfilling.

This is not the end. It’s just the beginning. More to come from the “Robbins Nest”. Many asked how you could get involved…when we were there we opened 12 child and 50 child orphanages—we were challenged to open homes for over 100 this year! We will keep you up to date on our journey in 2013, and how you can be a part!  Stay tuned…

Namaste. For more pictures of our life changing adventure CLICK HERE


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