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Let’s Get Social- Social Media Strategy For Your Business


Let’s Get Social!

Developing your online presence is powerful!

Why? Social media is now the #1 activity on the web! It’s a great way to get in touch and keep in touch with people you know, and people you meet! There are currently over 750 million users on Facebook, over 200 million on Twitter, and over 100 million on LinkedIn  If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world! Recently, Facebook traffic surpassed Google traffic. What does this mean to our business? Since we are living in a social economy—who you know and what they have to recommend is more influential now than ever before! People trust their friends opinions and recommendations. Social media is a great tool of engagement to expose people to your business.

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Here’s 5 helpful hints in getting started online:

1)   If you haven’t already, Create a FB profile! If you don’t know anything about FB find the nearest Gen Y-er and ask them to set you up! If you aren’t “social media savvy” I just recommend that you start on FB first as it is the easiest to figure out, and the most interactive, fun, personable site.

2)   While creating your FB profile be sure to upload a great profile picture. Have someone take a good one for you, or go to get one done professionally. Many photographers will take a headshot for you for less than $100- and you can just ask them for the digital file to upload. Remember- you are branding YOU. If you want people to think you’re successful you must play the part. Your headshot is like your logo!

3)   Be sure to complete your entire profile information. Be sure  you add your company websites as well! Email addresses and contact information are great so people can direct message you too!

4)   Last—clean up your profiles… go through each current online profile you have with a fine tooth comb. What impression do you want people to have of you? Look at what albums you have uploaded. Delete where necessary—college parties may not be the best idea to have posted. Be real at the same time—pictures of your family, vacations, etc are great! It’s important that people see you outside of your business, and of course that you’re occassionally highlighting experiences in your buisness too.

5)   Learn the basics on FB.  Learn how to  set up your profile page, add friends and make friends, learn how to add and tag images and people in posts, learn how to copy a video link and insert your website links, encourage engagement on your posts, be interesting so people continue to follow you, and GET SOCIAL…

Create posts that engage and inspire, and people will want to follow you! It’s very important that you keep your messages balanced and not post about your business every day! Keep your messages mixed by mixing up your posts with personal posts (ie, cute things your kids say, trips with the family, experiences, and interesting things happening in your life or day.) Share inspiration—when in doubt, I share an inspirational quote or thought—people tell me all the time that they like following me because I’m inspiring—so when in doubt, post an inspirational quote! Then, sprinkle in your business or product in a clever way!

Here are TEN TOP examples of POWER POSTS for people in the Networking Profession:

1) Welcome your new consultants on your personal FB page and tag them, this way it shows up on your page for your audience to see, and their for theirs to see—I post a little bit about them (ex: Join me in welcoming my new consultant Sarah who’s a kindergarten teacher in MI…—this way, I might inspire other teachers to inquire, or my friends in MI), and by asking people to join you in welcoming them, you get a lot of interaction on the post—making the new consultant feel good, and increasing your exposure to your audience as it makes top news. (FB looks at the number of “likes”, “comments” or “shares” to determine what posts make top news. This increases your chance of your post showing up in your friend’s newsfeed.)

2) Promote opportunity calls—You never know who’s curiosity it will pique.

3) Promote events–post a picture of the event of flyer for upcoming  business presentations…and say something like: “Who do you know in southern california? My business is building there, and we are looking for leaders. Message me about my referral rewards program”…you never know who will inbox message you. I build the value and interest by saying I only have a limited number of tickets… ….I even offer my guests a free product and a drink on me of they decided to attend!

4) Share success stories, testimonials, videos, and pictures—this provides validation, inspiration, and social proof. Do this for both your product results and business success stories.

5) Share congratulations!  You can do this when someone makes a bonus, promotion, earns a car or trip, has a milestone in their business story, etc. People will begin to watch and wonder how they can achieve that success too, and will begin to come to you, over time. Again, when it’s on your wall, your audience sees it, and when you tag the other person, so do they and their audience.

6) Do your own GIVEAWAYS from time to time

7) Do SPECIALS—month end, seasonal, when new product launches happens, etc.

8) Develop a Referral Rewards Program!  Engage your friends as evangelists for your product… Ask a customer to post their “review” on your wall.. And then get some conversation going…Ask people to post about your business too. I offered my little sister a cash bonus for sharing my story on her wall–one of my top leaders joined me because of that post! The best $50 I ever spent!

9) Product posts: Post before and after pictures, customer testimonials. Always be sure each product post has a link to your product site at the end.

10) Always incorporate PICTURES &  VIDEOS in each post. It catches the eye, and people are more likely to see and interact on your post. Whether it’s your own picture or  a picture that you find on google images that go with your post.

Facebook is a great place to network your business!

OTHER GREAT SOCIAL SITES TO CHECK OUT: Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube!

I know this can be a lot, so If you’re overwhelmed, don’t be. Just follow my lead—do as I do—after all, copying is the best form of flattery!


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There you have it…now let’s get social!

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