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How To Do Effective Three-Way Calls In Network Marketing


3-Way Calling is an important tool in our MLM/ Network Marketing Toolbox.

What is a 3 way call?

A 3 way call (or conference call) is when a consultant brings their guest on the line with you (the sponsor) to hear more about your story and the company story.

Why are 3 way calls important?

These calls provide third-party validation, and social-proof (allows guests to see what’s possible by hearing other success stories). For new distributors, the calls are invaluable as it allows them to get off to a fast start (simply learning the art of inviting–inviting to a presentation or call) and following up with a 3 way call (where their sponsor can help them answer questions, objections, and close). This allows new distributors to leverage the experience of the sponsor and let’s the new consultant get off a fast start while they’re still learning/perfecting the story, this helps them develop their language, skill, and knowledge base. It allows the new consultant to learn how to answer questions and handle objections. Not to mention, these calls foster quick duplication in your organization.

Leaders use these calls too, as it allows their prospect to hear different perspective and provides further validation of the opportunity.

When to use 3 way calls?

I recommend that you invite a prospect to a 3 way call with your sponsor, or an upline leader after they’ve expressed some interest (they’ve listened in to an opportunity call, attended an event, or reviewed material and are open to learning more.)

How to do a 3 way call

Google “how to do a 3 way call on an iPhone” or whatever phone you have. Practice dialing in 2 other people before you do your actual call.

Scheduling the 3 way call

When a prospect expresses interest after hearing more from you, or from a call, meeting or event, scheduling a 3-way call with your sponsor or upline afterward is very powerful. If you are new, simply say: “I want to share more, but I’m new and just getting started. Can I introduce you to my business partner to share more with you? This way, you’ll get all of your questions answered, and this will help me to learn more as well!” (Edify your sponsor and share their success story to provide further validation of the opportunity, and what’s possible).

If you’re not new you can say “I have access to a top leader in the company and I’d love to introduce them to you. You’d enjoy hearing her story and I think  you guys would get along well. Can I make a quick introduction?”

When they agree, schedule the time with your sponsor, or upline. I use a service that I love, and it’s called timetrade (they will give you a free trial). Here’s why I love them– it’s an online scheduling system that keeps my team from having to go back and forth between me and their prospect to find a time to coordinate three busy schedules (the prospect, my team member, and mine). Instead, I choose the times that I am available, my team member can find the time that works for them and their prospect, and sign up online, and I get an alert to my phone before the call. It even allows my team to tell me more about the prospect or their objections in the “notes” section before the call. It’s simple, professional, and saves me so much time!!!

Here’s a 5 minute tutorial/informational video I put together for you on timetrade=>

How to Do a 3 Way Call

15 minute Script For a 3-Way Call or Coffee

C= consultant bringing guest to the call

S= sponsor sharing

G= guest or prospect

C: Hi Sarah, this is Kris. I have my friend Phil on the line.

S: Hi Phil!

C: Phil is an incredible businessman and is very well networked in the metro Detroit area. I told him our business is rapidly expanding there, and I wanted to introduce him to you. Phil—this is my business partner Sarah who is going to share more with you about our business that’s expanding in your area. Sarah’s a great leader who will be able to share with your her perspective, and answer any questions you have today.

S: Hi Phil! Great to talk to you today. I’m thrilled to share more with you. Kris told me great things about you before the call so I feel like I know you. Before I get started I’d love to hear what intrigues you most about our opportunity.

G: Guest shares

S: Thank you for sharing. I’d like to take a few minutes to share our business with you and how and why I got started. Afterwards I’d love to hear what questions you have and let you guide the conversation from there. Does that sound ok to you Phil? (Sponsor shares their packaged success story– their background, how they were introduced to the company, why they decided to join, what the company is doing for them). Weave in your company story–and more importantly share the benefits that the prospect would have in joining–what it can mean to them, and why they’d be a great fit.

Then: “With that, we’d love to pass the call back over to you and ask any questions you have in regards to the products or how you would get started in the business.” I then answer questions, and handle objections.

At the end of the conversation I like to ask them: “Based on what I’ve shared today, what intrigues or excites you the most?” Then: “Do you have a personal interest in learning more about the opportunity or products?” If they don’t have interest say, “Do you know anyone who would be interested?”

If they are interested in the product: “If you have a few minutes, we can make a proper product recommendation for you now, and help you in getting your order processed now!”

If they are interested in getting started in the business: “Getting started is quick and easy. Do you have a few minutes so we can walk you through the enrollment now?”

If they are interested but need more information: “We are going to send you some links to review now. Please write down your questions, and we will revisit tomorrow. Let’s schedule the follow-up call now.”

If they are not interested at all: Thank them for their time! Add them to your newsletter list and Facebook for monthly follow up, and so they become a part of your “audience”, watching what you do over time. Again, ask for referrals. If you replace every “no” with a referral your contact list will never run dry! Follow up with them from time to time, letting them know what’s new and exciting in your company, and see if the time is right to revisit.

The fortune is in the follow-up

The fortune is in the follow up! After talking to anyone, no matter what the response, I sent them a follow up email thanking them for their time, along with links to our business, products, success stories and my website, should they know someone who may be interested, or in case they have interest down the road. You’ll always need to be talking to people to keep your business building. The best way to master the skill is by talking to people every day. As you do this, your skillset increases, and so do your set of odds. Practice helps you to rock your presenting skills!

I share a detailed 3 way call script in my best-selling book, Rock Your Network Marketing Business, which you can learn more about here. 

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