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Day 30 & a Give Away- Rock Your Network Marketing Business


Hey there Rock Stars! Welcome to Day 30 of the 30 Day Challenge to Rock Your Network Marketing Business! #RYNMB30 (Start your 30 days on whatever day you find this challenge! ) For more info, and for a tracking sheet CLICK HERE!

It’s been a rockin 30 days of sharing best practices with you, and I’m so excited for what’s in store for you “rock stars” in the future– in addition to our book, CD series, and blog–we have some exciting projects launching this year that I can’t wait to share with each of you! Sign up for this mailing list so you don’t miss a beat!

It’s so exciting to me that on this final day, our fan page hit 70,000 members! I want to thank you for believing in me, believing in yourself, the power of our profession, and the power of your dream! My greatest joy is teaching and training, and you all provide me the outlet to do what I love, share what I love, and to live out my “reason why”! In honor of all of you, and in celebration of our 30 days together (which is just the beginning) I am offering a 70k Giveaway! 

sarah robbins giveaway

Here’s what we are giving away:

1) A copy of our CD series The Network Marketing University

2) 10 signed copies of  our book Rock Your Network Marketing Business, for you and your rock stars.

3) A 1-Hour Coaching Session With Me! (for you, or your entire team)

Here’s how to enter:

(each time you do one of the following from now through Feb.9 you will be entered to win):

1) “Pin It To Win It” — pin your favorite blog post from the 30 day challenge, OR a picture of our book on Pinterest (with the hashtag #rockyournetworkmarketingbusiness ).

2) “Insta Gratification”: post a picture of our new book on Instagram with the hashtag #rockyournetworkmarketingbusiness , along with your testimonial, or your favorite quote or tip we share in the book OR a tip we shared on the blog during the 30 day challenge.

3) “Tweet About It”:  tweet out your favorite blog post from the 30 day challenge, OR a picture of our book or tip from our book (with the hashtag #rockyournetworkmarketingbusiness ).

4) “Let’s See Your Beautiful ‘Face’” re-post your favorite blog post from the 30 day challenge, OR post a picture of you or your rock stars with our book on Facebook (with the hashtag #RockYourNetworkMarketingBusiness ).

5) “G+ Us” : post your favorite blog post from the 30 day challenge, OR a favorite tip from our book on G+ (with the hashtag #rockyournetworkmarketingbusiness ).

EXTRA CREDIT+++ Get a double entry when you leave us a ROCKIN 5 STAR REVIEW on amazon, sharing how Rock Your Network Marketing Business, the book is helping you, or your team of Rock Stars!!!

ROCK THIS CHALLENGE! Be creative with your posts! Post fun, creative pictures of you or your teams with the book! Show the type of lifestyle that network marketing provides! (*This makes a great prospecting post too–your followers will see you having fun, and living “the life” and that network marketing truly ROCKS!)

Tips for sharing:  either tag/mention @SarahRobbins1 on Twitter, orInstagram (@Sarah Fairless Robbins or @Sarah Robbins, Rockin Robbins Networking Team on Facebook).   You can also hashtag #rockyournetworkmarketingbusiness on any social media post/site.  Each time you share, it counts as an entry and increases your chance to win! (There will be a limit to 10 entries per person per day during the entire contest!)

*Winners to be announced Feb 10 2014!

As you post, your name will be “IN LIGHTS” here=>

Today’s Tip on Day 30: Never Give Up On Your Dreams!

Network marketing has fulfilled our dreams, and is also fulfilling the dreams of those we share our business with, as well as the children around the world that we bless with the resources and time our profession provides to us.

We recently moved into our dream home, thanks to network marketing. We will have our 10-year wedding celebration here this summer. With our family, under the roof of our dream home, we will be officially celebrating a home we will be able to gift to others– a home that we will gift to 100 orphans this year in honor of our 10 year anniversary, thanks to our network marketing business. (details to come!)

.All of the hard work, tears, rejection, “no’s”, over the past five years were worth it.  Our purpose and plan for our life is unfolding right before our eyes. It is beautiful to see our reason “why” in action.

Don’t give up on your dreams. Ever! And remember, it’s never too early or too late to passionately pursue your dreams! Go for your gold! We hope our training will help you take one more step toward your “why”! We have a LOT of exciting topics to share on the blog in the coming days, weeks, months, and years !

Can My Team/ Future Teams Have Access to the 30 Day Challenge?

Many of you requested that I leave this challenge up for your team (and future team), and the answer is a resounding “YES”! I’m pleased to share this with you! It’s the perfect way to power start each month, and know what to do each day! Here’s the link to the entire 30 day challenge=> (*save it, share it!)

Let me hear from YOU today!!!

On this final day of our challenge, I come to you for “best practices”– tell me what you’d like to learn more about on the blog, in our upcoming training programs, etc. & PLEASE post your comments about the challenge below=> How did this help YOUR business or belief grow? Hearing from YOU would be the greatest gift to this former teacher, and forever “teacher at heart”! 😉 Love you guys!