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Day 29- 30 Day Challenge To Rock Your Network Marketing Business


Hey there Rock Stars! Welcome to Day 29 of the 30 Day Challenge to Rock Your Network Marketing Business! #RYNMB30 (It’s not too late to join us! Start your 30 days on whatever day you find this challenge! ) For more info, and for a tracking sheet CLICK HERE!

Check out this video about why you should NEVER QUIT your business, and then read a few inspiring examples below this video, in the blog post below=>

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Give Your Business Time To Grow

I want you to have a realistic expectation of what it will take, and how long it could take to be successful in your business. Success doesn’t magically happen overnight. I want you to think as anyone would who was considering embarking upon any new career. Starting any new career or business you know there will be a learning curve of both personal and professional growth. You know there will be an output of time and sometimes resources. You understand it will take time to develop proficiency. Some people go to school for their career. Developing a substantial story in network marketing is no different. Success in network marketing requires personal and professional growth. It takes time to develop your talent. I want you to commit to a minimum of 5 years in your business. Take the time to learn your company story, and system. Get good at sharing your story, and your company’s story. Give your business time to grow!

This business is a lot like rolling a snowball uphill. When you start, you’re at the bottom of the hill with a tiny little snowball. As you share your business with more people who join you on the products or in your opportunity the snowball slowly begins to grow. However, you sometimes feel like you’re exerting all the effort as you are trekking uphill. Sometimes you feel like you’re working full time hours for less than minimum wage! This is because you haven’t reached the top of the hill yet. If you keep going and you keep sharing you will make it to the top. When you do, you can let that snowball soar down the other side. This happens when your team is building so big that snowball collects it’s own snow, and duplication happens. This is when you see momentum take place! It rolls faster and faster downhill, collecting its own snow. This is when you begin earning more money than you’ve ever dreamed in less time than most would think was possible. Whatever you do, don’t quit. You can make it to the top of the hill!

The Story of the $50 Million Dollar Woman

I want to share with you a story of why quitting should never cross your mind. One of the top leaders on my team is a woman by the name of Susie. Susie learned about our business from someone she had worked with briefly. On December 31, she was introduced to me on a three-way call with her soon-to-sponsor, who at the time was my personal partner. Susie immediately caught the vision and enrolled on New Years Eve! What a way to toast to new beginnings!

Unfortunately Susie’s sponsor got discouraged that she had only enrolled one person. She decided that the business wasn’t for her, and she quit.

A few years later, her team of one (Susie) grew into an incredible team that spans across the entire country. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing teams in our company. Many team members are driving beautiful free cars, earning amazing incentive trips, and increasing their incomes. In fact, Susie was recently recognized as a million dollar circle achiever at our company convention. Can you imagine if Susie’s sponsor stuck with the business? I’ve referred to her in industry events as the “$50 Million Dollar Woman”. Susie’s sponsor started this business at about age 30. After taxes, and with conservative investments, and not even taking into effect organizational growth over time, that’s what she could have earned over time if she didn’t walk away.

One of my friends, Donna Johnson, another million-dollar earner reminds me often: “Sarah, I know handfuls of people who will be millionaires today if they simply didn’t quit!” You never know what people will do or whom they will lead you to. Quitting is the surest way to fail!

I recently read that as many as 95 percent of those who remain in this industry for 10 years or longer working steadily at building their groups reach their highest level of pay in their respective business.

If there’s one thing that I know for sure about success, is that it begins with a decision to be successful, a commitment to seeing it through, and you just can’t quit. Early on when we started our business with no training, no websites, and no mentoring at the time, we made a decision to do whatever it takes! In my opinion, that is the greatest factor that leads to success–your decision. Whether you think you can or think you’re can’t you’re right! So make a decision, be relentless, and be committed to do whatever it takes!

Don’t You Dare Quit!

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