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My 65 Pound Weight Loss Journey


My 65 Pound Weight Loss Journey

sarah robbins weight loss journey

As I write this I have tears in my eyes. I have battled my weight for many years–and while some would conclude this statement with “…and I finally won”,  I would instead say, “I am winning every day”. I will never be done eating healthy, exercising, and committing myself to healthy habits daily. Truth be told, I’d like to lose a few more pounds + tone up a bit–but for the first time in a long time, I’ve decided to be content with where I am at on my journey, and know that I will get there–with time, and daily discipline.

I choose to celebrate my progress, and be content with my body, no matter the season–I will just dress to flatter my figure and celebrate the HEALTHY BODY God has given me.

No more “fad diets” (which destroyed my metabolism and made me gain more weight than I lost!) Only healthy, sustainable choices every day…because ultimately I am choosing health and happiness for me–and for my family (it is a GIFT I can give my children + grandchildren someday!)

Since I made that choice, I no longer have the looming thoughts of being disappointed in myself. I am free in my mind in this area–with all of the good things going on in my life I finally decided that I no longer have time for any negative recurring thought in my mind. I’ve conquered so much in my 30+ years–it was time that I committed to my health and my mindset regarding my weight.

People have asked so many times–“what is your secret?” The truth be told–there is no secret!  I eat REAL, clean food–choose to move EVERY DAY (something I enjoy–walks, a workout, etc)–and I drink lot of water (half my body weight, in ounces daily!), and I repeat this EVERYDAY.

And as it relates to mindset, there is a verse that says “It’s not what goes into the mouth that defiles the man, but rather what comes out of the mouth”. 

In other words, your life is a self-fulfilling prophesy! You should never say things about yourself that you wouldn’t say to  another person. Are you abusing yourself, or punishing yourself with your words? Equally important to what you eat is what you SPEAK! Be sure your mindset and your words align with your desired outcome! It’s time to be THANKFUL today–celebrate your progress, give thanks everyday for your health! And if you trip up, give yourself permission to begin NEW each day! It’s a choice that only YOU can make.

Is it hard? YES! But you know what is also hard? Being sick and unhealthy. PICK YOUR HARD. Choose YOU today! 


The same is true with my business–people ask many times– “what is the secret to your success?” The truth be told–there is no secret! I started my business as a broke, shy, young kindergarten teacher–with no network, and I was in a business of networking! I poured a lot of time into professional development, and I got out and did the work everyday–even when I was shy, scared, and afraid! I went to networking events–ALONE! I made a few phone calls–EVERY DAY! Just like weight loss, I was focused on daily activity (a few new contacts every day), I was tracking my results by making daily notes in my planner, and did consistent activity over a long period of time (12 years!) Success did not happen over night! In fact, I used to cry wondering when I’d ever make enough to match my teacher’s income ($1,100 every two weeks–of which I had to pay for school supplies out of that budget!) Today we are more than blessed to be a blessing.

Was it easy? NO! Was it worth it? You bet! Now I can live more, give more, and experience life more–all while being 65 pounds lighter (*smile!)

Is it hard to build a successful business? YES! But you know what is also hard?

Struggling financially. PICK YOUR HARD. Choose YOU today! 

Enough about me…let’s talk about you…

What do you need to conquer during this season of your life? What are those looming thoughts you need to tackle? Is it weight loss? Is it success in your business? You only have one precious life–and you deserve to live more, give more, love more, and experience the best of life more.  Your legacy deserves it (children, grandchildren, those you love, those you lead!) It’s time to tackle these obstacles and pursue your victory–every single day! Set your “Big goal” for yourself–then break it down into daily activity–what do you need to do to get there? Whose help do you need?

Maybe you need an accountability partner working toward a similar goal? If it’s weight loss, join the gym together–split a training package–go to Weight Watchers as a team. If it is a business goal, find anyone in your company (I don’t care if they are on your team or not). Agree to check in with each other weekly and ask each other: “how many calls did you make this week? Who is your hottest prospect, and how can I help you close them?” Agree to be “results oriented”, positive, collaborative, solution-oriented, and encouraging. People think they need to “work with a leader” to be successful–and that’s not the case. Like weight loss- YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO DO! It’s about working with someone who is going for the same goals, and doing consistent activity–every single day. Let’s consider weight loss for a moment–I’m not going running with my marathon-running buddy Stephanie Goetz (heck, I don’t run unless someone is chasing me). Do I aspire to be fit like her? YES! But I have to start somewhere– and initially that walking with a buddy at my pace. Find your partner, start today!

Today is your day. You are seeing this for a reason. Don’t let one more day go by–one more looming thought go through your mind. Set the goal. Write it down (NOW!) Break that big goal into monthly goals–then break that into daily activity goals for what you need to do to get there. Find an accountability partner and go through a program together. Give yourself the time it takes. Never quit. YOU DESERVE TO LOVE YOUR LIFE AND HAVE VICTORY!!!

No secrets–daily activity, consistency, over time… I heard this quote yesterday and I loved it–“Success is never owned, it is rented, and the rent is due every single day! “- Rory Vaden

If I could reach through this screen right now and hug you–I would. I love you enough to post this “Before” picture–I literally had to dig through my home to find a picture of me at my heaviest. I never took pictures, and the ones I had, I hid. But I care about you enough to share my long and sometimes painful journey with you (it took 10 years to loose the weight)–Today I simply want to encourage you–that if I can do it (weight loss- over ten years, business success- over 12 years), SO CAN YOU! You are beautiful, you are capable, you are MORE THAN A CONQUERER! As my mentor the late Christian Diaz would say, “You are exceptional, and bound for greatness!” #LetsDoThis!

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Well, my heart is pounding. It’s time to press “submit”. I have to admit–I’m scared. But it’s time…sometimes we have to “do it afraid”. Other people’s blessings are tied to our obedience. I hope this blesses you! If it did, give me a “virtual thumbs up” (a “like”), comment below, and please “share” this with a friend who needs it. I love you rock stars! XO


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