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Have you seen the Disney movie, Frozen?

I’ve had many friends tell me that we should go see it, with or without children so we bought it on Apple TV the other day. Frozen is a story of 2 sisters, and there is an underlying theme of rejection and isolation.

Elsa (the older sister) had hurt her younger sister Anna. As a result of this accident, she put up walls of isolation to protect her sister, and ultimately protect herself. She lived in a place of isolation and complacency. Anna experienced horrible rejection from Elsa, but she didn’t know why.…

Happy Holidays Rock Stars! Hope you’re having a great one! I love this time of year, as my top 2 volume producing leaders joined during the holiday season! It’s the perfect time of year to rock your network marketing business! People are looking to make extra money, pay down debt, and are starting to get into resolution mode (making money, bettering themselves) and you can provide the solutions to these common resolutions! In the spirit of the season, I want to share with you my “12 WAYS Of Networking”!


1) Work the Phones
Revisit your company memory jogger, your cell phone contacts, your Facebook friends, your service providers–who do you need to reach out to or revisit?…

I recently conquered my #1 fear=> my fear of heights! I went zip lining this weekend for 3 hours, via 9 lines. Each line brought a new level of confidence as the guide talked me through, encouraged me, and gave me new tips and skills before I tackled each. By the end, I had a new level of confidence! This made me think–imagine the real fears your team members may have–call reluctance, approaching a prospect…. YOU are their guide. If you work closely with them through each contact, offering encouragement, and tips before their initial calls, each call will come with more confidence.…